Saturday, 30 April 2011

Preston-the metropolis!

Had a drive down to visit my sister in Preston-this city has an excellent hobby and model shop "Trains and Transport" so I nipped in and bought some figures for what now appears to be my summer project. Italeri Panthers and Zvezda Russian a good mood now so I am off to drink a few beers and dream of the miniature battles to come.


  1. you were lucky to make it out of Preston!I have only been there once,one dark evening for a mid week game of footy, all the way from Reading.A dark night to forget.
    Great buy's by the way look forward to seeing them with newly dicovered brushes!

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Preston aint that bad...well ok, it aint that good either :-D Still, if it´s got a modelshop, it has a few plus points in my book, so few of them about these days.