Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I have seen a marvel at work!


I just had to share this amazing web page....sorry but I have no idea who this chap is except he is miniature war gaming's Einstein!


Please do yourself a favour and take a look at his webpage.

The project for March is definatley not damned War of the Roses! All this steam punk business (not to mention the Victorian ladies) is starting to grab my attention so I am revisiting my attempts to rebuild Victorian houses in 28mm. This time the foam board is sidelined in favour of plaster and moulds! The first master should be ready in a couple of days, if I can get the cheap terrain going then I will buy some figures and a rule set.

The internet is such an excellent source for inspiration so keep blogging...I need to steal your ideas.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

20mm its madness! Help needed


Please could some knowledgeable Chap (or chappess even) let me know if any company produces the German yellow paint used on its vehicles in the second part of WW2? I have come across a couple of kits that I would like to complete but I  really am feeling lazy! I do not have a spray gun so it would have to be an aerosol....

Thanks in advance-I have had a quick look on the web but I do not know the name of the colour even!

Tonight is beer night....

Friday, 22 February 2013

Old 28mm Painting

Just moving back into my large bedroom as honourable son number 1 is now living in Geneva, it is good to see him enjoying life and good to get my room back-everybody wins! Anyway as I was in the midst of clearing (shovelling really) out I found these figures...so I thought that I would plop them on here. They are old and a bit tired looking now but they are going back on the shelf as my wife bought them for me.

I will enjoy looking at all things Victorian tonight, Westwind and Empire of the dead figures so that I can order some next week. Todays task inbetween housework was gluing some Perry pikemen together and a few handgunners, the crossbowmen will have to wait as I am fed up with the cutting and glue vapour!

Thanks for looking! Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wars of the Roses painting update

The first Battle of my late medieval army is almost complete, just a little basing and a commander to find. The Perry twins once very kindly helped me to date a weapon from a friends collection and I think that they have really championed the use of plastics in war gaming but....these figures just have too much detail for my old eyes!

Complaint aside they are painting up reasonably well and look OK on the table but my next project will not contain anymore massed units until someone produces a more painter friendly plastic figure. Looks like Darkest Africa or even "Empire of the Dead". I know that these bases only have 3 figures on them but 4 figures just looked cluttered...

Thanks for looking and keep blogging!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

More Modern 28mm buildings!

It is the school holidays here so painting takes a back seat even though my 10 year old only needs my attention for meals and snacks I still cannot find the time. So instead of painting the Burgundians I have been building a rather large block of flats...tonight I am going to research (OK float around the web) looking for Arabic or African signs to put on my growing township...Black Ops 3 is a good source for this.

I have almost completed the first "Battle" of my medieval army though the Perry figures are hard work so I am glad of the rest....3 units of archers and one of billmen, only 36 figures but they seem to have taken an age. Not looking forward to the crossbowmen so I may order some Assault group figures next week to bulk out my African stuff....i can even see myself selling the medievals to fund a Back of Beyond or darkest Africa army...Chris Peers has been incredibly influential in war gaming don't you think?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Perry Miniatures WIP

I have never been keen on model making so it was a bit of a trial cutting and sticking all the Perry WOR figures together....thankfully they are done now. The first unit of bowmen is complete with just the flag to tidy up, no matter how neat I try to be with Perry miniatures mine always look untidy! Maybe the Perry twins are just too good? Far more detail on these figures than my tired eyes could ever pick out but they are passable once on the table. Sorry about the poor quality pictures, bit of a rush...Monday morning and all that.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Perry miniatures

I ordered two boxes of Perry Miniatures earlier this week from "Trains and Transport models" in Preston...excellent service as always, the figures arrived the next day. So I am now the proud owner of "Mercenaries" and "Wars of the Roses Infantry" figures, partly because of some sage advice on here, this will be an ongoing project which will grow over time.

My medieval 28mm alter ego is going to be based in France...at least one tiny part of me is going to have a better lifestyle! Whilst I am at it I might as well order him some Hasslefree 28mm wives! Anyway here are the pics of a modest house I made for my commander, vineyard and stables to follow. It is a basic build but cost pennies and may produce a few scenarios.

Thanks for looking, I am setting up a painting station downstairs as my son is busy playing "Black Ops 2", I am only needed to supply meals, snacks and drinks! I will feel redundant when he hits his teenage years and has even less interest in spending time with me....the joys of parenthood.