Sunday, 19 June 2016

Warlord Games Review

Hi Chaps,

My order from Warlord Games arrived in good time and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of their product.

Project Z is their Zombie game and range and although I am not really interested in buying the game as I already have a chosen ruleset I did want to look at the figures and paints.

Firstly the paints, £19.99 for a combination of 10 pots of paint and washes plus a brush. This is pretty cheap and although the paints seem to have less pigment than Vallejo they are a very useful mix and not just for your medieval Zeds. Instructions on the bottle read shake well so maybe I did just not shake enough to get a good mix......?

Next I opened the figures which I believe originated as Wargames Factory products until Warlord bought them out. Now I have all the old WF boxes and I have to say Warlord have transformed the figures onto a higher level of quality. All the zombies have deeper and more realistic detail and there are a few new sculpts in the box too. I particularly like the old dude holding onto his drip feed trolley....I have painted him as a survivor as he will be perfect as a scenario objective.

The pic is a work in progress as he is still waiting for some highlights but you can see the character the little model possess'. some of the female zombies are pretty hot (wierd but true) and I think a box of figures to form civilians going about their daily lives would be really useful incase anyone from Warlord is reading? There would be many uses for that box.....

The Special Operations team is fantastic and comes with options to create US, Russian or Brits, obviously I created a British squad but gave the sniper an M-4 variant as squaddies love to try out new toys....sorry kit.

Both boxes came with some good quality cards for the Warlord tabletop game but they are of little use to me unless I ever cave in and buy the game. I really would recommend these producys to anyone interested in zombie games or modern 28mm. My shelves now hold over 60 Zeds and counting, they are so easy to paint and they are so different it really is hard to stop collecting them.

Keep blogging....I need you ideas!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Plague hits Leyland....WIP

Hi Chaps,

There has been a pause in transmission from my end due to a tummy bug. I cannot complain too much as I am lucky re health but this bug was the real deal, thankfully now destroyed by my immune system (I owe you one for that buddy!).

Hobby wise not much has been happening but I have recovered enough strength to tidy my work area and snap a pic or two of the work that I did complete.

This handful of Airfix Brits were painted because they came with the Landrover and Jackal kits. The kits themselves remain unmade but are definately on my to do many parts.

Please ignore the chaos of my desk-it is now back to normal with very little to be seen on it! The tanks are from Grubby and again are on my to do list. Mr Grubby also sent some free drivers and passangers which was very kind and thoughtful. I recommend this company if you need anything in 20mm.....I also have some of their 28mm figures for Somalia which are great as well.

Lastly a couple of Armourfast T34-85's these are easy to put together but I still manage to make it look my enfeebled state I just wanted to splash some paint around without being too worried about the result, after all these are just targets for my Germans....

Thanks for popping by, hopefully I will have a more meaningful post soon as I am expecting an order from Warlord Games any day.

Keep blogging Chaps.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Valiant German Work in Progress and an odd box of Valiants

Hi Chaps,

I opened my recent Valiant miniatures order yesterday and began assembling the troops (literally) into their companies to form a Rapid Fire Battalion. I do enjoy this aspect of war gaming and it takes me back to not only "my day" but also to endless hours as a youth writing lists way befor Rapid Fire was born. Any one remember "Operation Warboard"?

The first box was actually forming my second infantry battalion at this scale and I really was only going to use the other box to make one more company and some random figures....which is just as well! See if you can spot anything strange in the photo below?

Did you spot it?

Luckily I need only one sprue of Germans....I have no need at the moment for any Americans! These must have been packed in a rush and I will not bother to send them back or complain, it is slightly amusing, maybe somewhere out there is a box of US troops with three sprues of Germans?

Speaking of Germans here are the lads in the undercoat....

This is a Rapid Fire Battalion-a handy sheet comes with the box set which I have to say is my favourite German set on the market. A couple of Stugs and a munitions cart came with the Valiant order, I have only made one of the carts and they will all be undercoated dark yellow.

Finally "The Other Guys" despite being extremely hard and maybe winning WW2 I cannot warm to them (step up Colin Rumford and make some Russians). I will paint these as and when I feel like it, probably to break up the Germans.

This coming few days should see my transport arrive from Grubby, this will fill out my little battle group and give it some character.

Having had my sight restored by the miracle of lenses has been great and if my attempts at scenery are successful I will sell my 28mm moderns (which I love painting) to build up forces in 20mm.....Elhiem are just too good now that I can see them!

Keep blogging Chaps!