Sunday, 27 July 2014


Oh Chuddlies!

I just bought, based and undercoated a German early war 20mm Battalion and supporting units...

I suppose it is an excuse to paint some more figures. I will be posting some pictures later in the week, this really has put a spanner in my plans-literally! I have just completed the plans for a few 20mm buildings.

It is still a happy event when we have to much choice?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

20mm on 25mm bases...

Hi Chaps,

I have a few unpainted 20mm Hat Germans so I thought I would base a few up on 25mm bases to see what they look like....? Once the figures have been PVA'd they are fairly tough and the extra large base should also help protect them but I am torn whether to invest in some 28mm? What do you fellows do? Also is there any good sites to help one scratch build 20mm buildings? I am even at the point of molding my own doors and windows so that I can just glue these onto the shells of buildings...the card and the green stuff are waiting but again a tutorial would help.

The cost of plastics are a fraction of the metal, if I had the knowledge I would put a poll on here and let you guys decide, my eyes are not what they were blah blah, you have probably wrestled with the scale question many times so what did you fellows go for?

I look forward to your replies, in the mean time I am ordering some paint and LOTS of 25mm bases.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Well done Caliver books!

The power of Blogger has proved itself to me yet again. At last I am the proud owner of "At Close Quarters" (3rd Edition) and I must give praise to Caliver books for amazing service. My copy arrived the day after I ordered it!! I am pretty damned impressed with the speed my copy arrived-in fact I am taken aback...if you need a book check Caliver out because it will arrive quickly.

To try the rules out I have been painting some 20mm plastics by Caesar...what started as a handful has morphed into something far larger than I intended. The plastic Brits are now (if you use Rapid Fire type units) a full battalion with heavy weapons support and transport from Britannia....and the "bad guys" are growing in number with an order from Elhiem planned.

My dimming eyesight will probably make regular 20mm gamers shudder but on the table they will pass off as adequate, I have coated the figures with a generous amount of PVA before and after painting so they are fairly solid but they do have a certain sheen to them. Initially these plastic chaps were a stop gap to be replaced with fine quality 28mm the moment I won the Euro lottery but actually they are growing on me. Suddenly lists of 20mm moderns by various manufacturers are becoming very interesting.

Thanks for all the help in tracking down the rules...Ever Victorious Armies next, to be viewed alone in a dimmed room with a fine wine, internet and visa card.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Where can I buy Chris Peers rulesets?

Hi Chaps,

I was wondering if any of you knew where to buy some of Chris Peers rule books? I particularly want to buy "At Close Quarters" and "Contemptible Little Armies" but would also like to get hold of "Ever Victorious Armies".

I had all these rule sets previously and I had the older versions at my in laws in Thailand for emergency reading when on holiday but on my last visit they were gone!!

It seems Mr Peers has gone off the war gaming radar which is sad because I always found his rules to be excellent....much better than "Force on Force" which is very disappointing. Any help tracking these books down would be appreciated...I have tried ebay to no avail...

Keep war gaming!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Back in Blighty

Hi Chaps,

just a quick hello! I have missed my hobby and being able to read about your exploits but that will all change in the coming weeks. I will post a few pics of Asian architecture but these reference photos will stand for Sierra Leone and probably a lot more of Africa as well....

What rules would you chaps use for modern small scale wars? I have Force on Force but I do not like them at all....any other options? Does any company still carry At Close Quarters?

Thanks in advance....