Friday, 30 November 2012

Cold Snap


I was wondering if painting miniatures is a seasonal hobby? During the summer months I do not seem to paint as often as winter...when the nights close in it certainly feels more acceptable to be sat painting...? Does anyone else alter their hobby pattern with the seasons?

Having little to paint has made me examine my spares box...two plastic Cleudo figures are going to be started this week, an elegant female in evening gown and an officer type..not the usual war gaming figures but I've been off painting all summer for some reason. Bases for my terraced houses have been cut and windows and roofs will be added over the weekend.

My son wants to go shooting over the next couple of days but its so cold! We have over 20 old airguns and its good to give them a run out, no empty cans will be safe in our vicinity. Does anyone else shoot? It seems that these two hobbies have some connection so it would be interesting to see how many war gamers actually shoot or collect?

Thanks Chaps, next time I will post pictures of the completed figures and houses.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Foam Card Buildings


the cheapest way I have found so far to make some scenery is by using foam card, it glues easily and can be indented with a pencil so that brick patterns can be picked out by dry brushing. As yet I have not completed any windows and I am undecided as to wether they should be stuck on the card or cut out and represented by painted black card...

By painting a lightr brown on the card first a mortar effect can be produced (there is an excellent guide on someones blog but I forgot which one-sorry). Next step is to cut a base (I have lots of plywood though I know that it should really be mdf for neatness), and then the windows and roofs.

If one wanted to create a dedicated board then a very atmospheric effect could be produced by using darker tones-dark brown instead of red for the brick etc-but these are for general use and will have to do for now.

Any suggestions for windows would be appreciated though I suspect that in time I will make a mould and use "stick on" windows and doors, has anyone done this? Is there a guide?


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Access at last!

Hi All,

I have been trying for weeks to access my blog...finally managed it after having to download google chrome and alter some settings. Very complicated to a technophobe like myself, but at last. I will spend the rest of the day catching up with what everyone has been doing, already seen some interesting work, good to see people keeping busy.

Has anyone tried the "Empire of the Dead" rule set? I have downloaded the freebie from their website and it seems simple enough to try a game with my son (now 10 years old...time flies). So inspired by the whole idea of the Victorian theme I have been scratch building some terraced houses and yards for the Ripper to skulk about in. As of yet three are in preparation and two more planned out...I had no idea a two foot square board could fit so many buildings on it! I will post some pictures tonight.

Good to be back and thanks for the inspiration.