Monday, 20 August 2012

Time...just not enough of it!

Hi Chaps...just to apologise for my lack of posts...being a single parent is time consuming to say the least. Add to this my never ending search for the truth as too what happened to my wife and son...all this equals no wargaming time.

I did dust off some plastic figures and may have a go at painting them up to the best standard I can manage...they seem smaller than I remembered! Is it my eyesight?? Does this happen to anyone else? Even the mighty 28mm are not the giants I once thought them to be! The plastic soldier review is an excellent web site and I often go there for some inspiration, who runs this site? Who ever is responsible it must be one of the best resources for wargaming ever!

Oh well, keep blogging! I know I have'nt done much but i keep popping onto around a dozen blogs each week to keep up with what is happening in the real world...well done chaps.

Till next time!