Saturday, 25 February 2012

AK47 Peter Pig Mercenaries and Militia

I crept into the garden to take these pics of my last few painting session endevours. I am seriously enjoying painting 15mm, so much so that I may even try and paint some Serb or eastern european types along with some vehicles....just need to sell a kidney to fund it (15mm =more expensive than plastic 28mm!!).

there are 10 stands of militia and a couple more professional...also 4 battle winning mortar stands to paint up, by which time I will have ordered again-Peter Pigs stuff is more addictive than crack cocaine! Awaiting basing are 3 buildings-they seem so small to build in this scale...but even my small table suddenly looks rather large.

Have a good weekend and keep painting!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Blogger Templates and Peter the Pig (is great).

Hi All,

I made the mistake of fiddling with my blogger template and then wrestled for hours (OK 10 minutes) trying to ungirlify it! So sorry about the new look which is akin to some mad 70s theme.

The real reason I opened my blog was to praise Peter Pig...excellent service, next day delivery and quality products. There is currently a unit of professional types almost completed along with a few militia. The types of figure doesnt really matter for me as I like all of them-the chaps fighting "tackle out" strike me as odd and frightening...I will post pics shortly but will they need blurring?

Have a good weekend chaps!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A walk...and does anyone want some 20mm figures and artillery?

Hi Chaps,

there is a lot happening re my solicitor and court at the moment so I went for a walk up the windy that for the first time in my life I was blown off my just under 18 stone (its all muscle I tell you) it must have been damned windy. Anyway as I was tootling about I saw a cammo Ford Ka-when I blank the reg out I will post a pic...also a Land Rover all cammo...lots of cool people driving about these parts!

On my return home from my mini marathon I had an email that my Peter Pig order had been despatched-well done that man/woman!

Due to my limited space and a limit to my time I have some 20mm WW1/back of Beyond figures that are just languishing in a drawer...first dibs must go to Doc Vesuvius-I have been looking for Victorian space stuff but to no avail. The tanks belong to Doc but I would like to follow his example and pass these onto someone who is in need of some figures.

Thanks Chaps!

Monday, 20 February 2012

1960s Die Cast


I have been rumaging around for something to do and found some old Lesney lorries which are about the right size for 15mm. I am hoping that a quick respray and lick of paint will make them acceptable for gaming. The urge to play a modern campaign just wont go away (for about 2 years now!) and I have finally given in! Tomorrow I am going to order some QRF vehicles and maybe some Old Glory African militia types. Thinking about it I have wanted to campaign this "period" for a long time because I have remembered where my copy of AK47 is-back in Thailand and I have'nt been back for 4 years!

Its out with the maps and training manuals now, after a quick float around everyones blog to steal some ideas. The HMG below is in the Dock Museum in Barrow...its a fairly decent little museum which contains lots of model ships...probably Barrows only tourist attraction though I would'nt recommend travelling to pay it a visit!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The future is plastic!

Hi All,

its been a steady week painting. Its been so long since I painted 15mm...back in the 90s just a few DBA armies, its so different compared to 28mm. Really in 15mm I feel as though I am painting for effect rather than adding details but it is quick and fairly simple to do. My battalions are for Rapid Fire so one box of plastic soldier company has so far produced three battalions-I am going to give the fourth to a mate as I could never have all these figures on the table at once.

The tanks are not really finished but I may not even bother with the cammo on this company, these are Zvezda, I got 5 from fleabay for around £13 week I may get some Russians so my son and I may game away. About 70 Germans left to paint and two tanks-buildings next.

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Objective Marker 15mm

Played around last night and created an objective marker in 15mm, its strange because I dont really need one but I got a tram from a car boot (20p) and thought it looked OK for 15mm....its a work in progress really because I have still to finish the paint on the tram.

The US figure is the only 15mm figure I possess and was used just to get an idea for the scale, the idea of objective markers is a good one because I get to use up the rubbish from my parts bin!

Have a good weekend and keep gaming chaps!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thanks Chaps..20 000 hits!

Hi All,

a little landmark has just passed by...20 000 hits on my blog which I thank you all for-it makes me feel warm and happy! Theres a long way to go to reach the dizzy heights of some blogs and they are always an inspiration to visit.

I have plopped some figures on ebay to fund the purchase of yet more! Does anyone else do this? I dont really have a project or theme just yet this year but playing games with my son is my main 9 years old though its zombies, undead or things that look cool! Rank after rank of fellows dressed all the same will have to wait a few years I think.

Thought I would include a pic of HM once chubbiest most drunken but contented squaddie! This pic was taken to give the impression that I worked on or even near a helicoptor-the sad reality is that this is the closest I ever got to one!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

28mm Copplestone completed...

Hi All,

I have had a few painting sessions and now I have completed the Azante (?) Copplestone Africans...also for some reason I have been fiddling around with some foamcard to create a few buildings though they dont look as good in pictures as they do on the table. I may try and read up a little on photographing miniatures as my efforts are pants.

What do you chaps think is the best scale to game in? My son who is now 9 is really keen to play some games...I dont really want to paint up two DBA armies in 28mm whats the quickest way-barring 6mm?

I have not had a real project for a long time but with all the plastics being produced I am sorely tempted by Black Powder. Doeas anyone play AK 47? Would my son be able to understand this set? I had a couple of games of this but it was a long long time ago....

Keep painting chaps!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Wrap up warm!

Hi Chaps,

hope that you are all surviving this cold snap...I advise you all to stay in and paint/game by the fire, none of this travelling about nonsense. On my internet travels I came across this chap

What a talented man and what a workshop!! Rather puts my little corner of the bedroom into its place. I will post some pics of my latest painting later but for now I am off into town to trawl the charity shops for a dark towel to thatch some buildings...rather ignoring my own advice about the weather...

happy painting