Monday, 30 December 2013

Force on Force arrives!

Today Christmas arrived a little early (or late) as my latest wargaming purchase arrived. Force on Force is a hardback rulebook and is probably the best looking set of rules that I have ever seen.

Having only flipped through the book I can't say what the game will play like but for me it already seems unconventional. Throwing handfuls of dice that would be more at home in a game of D and D will take some getting used to as will the fluid turn sequence. This really is a new approach to a complicated subject...

To be on the safe side I will also track down "At Close Quarters" which if I remember correctly does much the same thing in a far more familiar way. To its credit this ruleset does force one to adhere to small scale organisation with the units operating as I recognise them.

Going to sign off now, take some Ibuprofen and dig out some more D8s....alternative wargaming is a cruel mistress so I may have a beer as well.

I would be very interested to hear what others think of this it all just show or does it work?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Force on Force but which scale?

Hi Chaps,

I could use some advice please. I purchased Force on Force and despite loving 28mm I realise that good old 20mm would be cheaper and possibly give a better game? What are your thoughts please? Also are there any modern 20mm suppliers in the UK?  I used to order from Britannia, are they still reliable?

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Police transport

Hi Chaps,

this is coming along slowly but should be painted in the next few days.

A trip to the model shop is planned tomorrow where I will buy some plastic rod, my next model will be sporting rivets. A read of IHMN again for inspiration tonight should also jog things on and make me complete some more scenery, this has been a complete year without even one game!

Keep blogging chaps I am inspired by your work and quite often copy it!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Charity Shop bargain and the next scratch build.

My dearest sister produced this from her bag the other day! A Lledo St Johns cost 50p and it fits 1/48 scale or thereabouts. It will soon be a police wagon, just some plastic card strips and a respray should do it.

Over the holidays I hope to build a couple more warehouses for IHMN. With all the real life stuff going on I have not been doing much hobby wise. (I also need to post a damn parcel that I should have sent months ago!-just reminded myself). Preston Lancashire is home to many Victorian industrial buildings so I will pay it a visit and take some pictures, I will be moulding some windows and doors over the hols as well to speed up the scratch building process.

Here are some local buildings.

Here in the UK we are really spoilt for choice regarding Victorian inspiration. Now I just need to source a local supplier of 5mm blue extruded polystyrene!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

20mm Cart

Hi All,

I have completed 3 T34/85s this weekend and a German cart. The cart is actually a world war one model but it will be absorbed into my growing Rapid fire German army...

Anyone who has ever been on campaign/exercise will know just how good it is to see transport pull up ready to distribute food and water (maybe even ammunition?)! I plan to have one wagon for each infantry battalion and each artillery battery, motorised units will get a lorry. Even now it looks as though my table will be a little more crowded.

Sorry for the picture quality. Next on my list will be some 20mm houses, I think I will just copy straight out of the rulebook....its flattery not plagiarism!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It has been a dark time.

Hi Chaps,

The death of my wife and son was covered up-it's official.

This is a bit heavy and non hobby related so do not read it unless you have a similar experience. It is my explanation for so few posts over the last week or so.

Thanks Chaps...I will be back soon, hopefully with painted T-34s and some Victorians!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

20mm Eastern Front figure mountain!

This is a sensation that I rarely experience! That of having a figure mountain!! A mountain that I actually want to paint and I am looking forward to the effects that I want to experiment with....

Please excuse the hasty picture of my very untidy painting table but I felt that I had to share this moment. A close inspection of the artillery would confirm that I am o model maker but I am relying on people just not noticing my mistakes! The carts are actually HAT WW1 German carts but they will do for me as WW2 carts...incredible to think that by January I will have two opposing armies and my son and I can actually play a game that is not on the Xbox!

I have no idea what the profit / investment ratio for the plastic figure manufacturers would be but Valiant and the Plastic Soldier Company products are so good I would happily game any period they produced. HAT also have been amazing...maybe the day will come when we are playing "In Her Majesties Name" in 20mm? The technology is obviously available-these are big 20mm as I can see them- if the money is there maybe these companies will meet demand?

Keep blogging the moment IHMN is my favourite set of rules, the game reports from others is making me squander hours of reading...I love it so please keep reporting.