Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Thank you Dr Vesuvius

Hi Chaps,

its not often that I get stopped in my tracks but I have to report that today I had one of those moments and it was a very pleasant one.

Christmas is an awkward time for me-my wife and son died and are not here and as this is family time it grates everytime I go shopping or catch a music vid on TV by mistake. My surviving son Conrad has no concept of christianity as he grew up mostly in Thailand, he absorbed the culture and is even a little disturbed by father christmas but loves the idea of presents! This time of year is alien to us both.

Anyway today I recieved a parcel from Dr Vesuvius...inside it were several British first world war tanks and a letter. I am not sure if Dr Vesuvius can understand the impact that his kindness has had but for me the impact immense. Thankyou Doc.

This has demonstrated to me that there are good people out there...I am moved and cannot thank you enough....

Victorian science that is a niche but I am sure that somewhere in a pile of boxes...

Thanks Doc, you helped much more than you can imagine