Monday, 26 September 2011

deer Hide update.

Hi Chaps,

this is the deer hide with a coat of paint...I think I will add some tufts of grass on the roof to age it a little...

whilst not like the hide in the film I think this will be a useful little terrain piece to have kicking around. Now its onto some houses! Oh and maybe order some Blue Moon figures once I have a lottery win.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gluing and sticking

My son went to his friends after school so I had a couple of hours of extra free time (he does'nt often go anywhere without me-it felt odd). Anyway I had one small piece of balsa left from which I have fashioned a deer hide. Earlier in the week Conrad and I watched "Sleepy Hollow" and a chap climbs into one of these towers to keep watch for the headless horseman.

Mine differs considerably from the hide in the film but in my defence I was working on a tighter budget than Tim Burton. I will begin painting over the weekend, hopefully it will pass muster.

I also began experimenting with the foam board...I am not used to it yet but I would love to create a few Sleepy Hollow type houses. I have no idea why I want to build them...maybe it will provide an excuse to buy some Blue Moon figures, but then I would need a simple ruleset-any suggestions?

Sorry about the picture quality, I am on my old computer and I have no way of cropping or enhancing them...just noticed that my desk is really messy! Thanks for looking, hope you all have a good weekend.

Recent painting

Hi Chaps,

thought I'd share a few models with you. These pieces were bought at a car boot sale...I dont do fantasy but thought they were worth having a go at, I forget the name of the game these were in as I threw away anything not paintable. The wolves are my sons really...just hope he never notices that they are missing

A trip to a local art and craft shop turned up the foam...I have never used it nor am I sure that I have the right stuff even-I think I will try a modest arab type dwelling to see how it works. Lastly I have included a pic of last nights sunset taken just outside my front door, I rushed back inside to drink tea and paint figures...I really do like winter.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blogger acting up again?

I have been trying to leave the odd comment on some of your work but I was told I did not have access to the sites for some reason....anyway I came across this tutorial which was informative (may buy the weathering kit) but also one of the funniest I've ever read....I know this mans pain. Expect to see this man on the wargame circuit or at the Edinburgh fringe!

There is an awful lot of excellent work being produced in the wargaming community-I will have to work out whats going on withe blogger....."praying for a swift end"...its still killing me! does work!

Just a quick post to thank you all for your support...and sage advice. You were absolutley right a spot of painting was much needed although having not painted for a while I was "ring rusty". Its odd but everything felt a little awkward as if I had lost my routine. Still I have almost finished some Perry Burgundians they do need some detail but they are my first 28mm of this year.

Next up will be some easier figures-I think there is too much detail on the Perry stuff...Copplestone or Renegade are much easier to paint.

I have no plans for a medieval army-these were an impulse buy so they will sit on my shelves for a while. I also bought some Hat 28mm Heavy Spanish Infantry...they are of an entirely different quality but at least will be easier to paint!

Has any one bought the Perry plastic Sudan figures? I would think that these are easier to paint than medievals...I am really keen to try Black Powder in 28mm without selling a kidney so these may be ideal?

Thanks again to all of you, your posts helped me a great deal.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Progress, onset of winter and cyber mates!

Hi All,

thank you for all the support I was very moved and much bolstered by all your kind words. There has been much progress in searching for the truth in what happened to my wife and son and Granada Reports is doing a news item on them on Friday 9th September....

As for wargaming, well I sort of cleared the decks-I am due to give some terrain to a local club...but this means I have some space and I have dug the brushes out again now that a critical time has almost passed.

I have been watching what you chaps have been up to and its very inspiring so I will begin painting in the next few weeks. Maybe this hobby is seasonal for me? I once tried to paint figures whilst in Thailand and the memory of heat and super quick drying paint has put me off summer painting for ever!

Thanks again for all the comments-they did help.