Sunday, 29 September 2013

I need rivets damn it! (oh and advice on laser etching)

Hi Chaps,

Fiddling around today and decided I need some small rivets. I have used split red lentils (an idea a Chap passed to me on here) but now I need a smaller rivet of a consistent size!

I once read about a craft punch that someone was using to make these things out of....has anyone done this? Also if anyone has used a laser etching service to make a building/scenery out of I could use a pointer....

In Her Majesties Name should arrive very shortly and I want the scenery to be spot on-in a perfect world I will be making a mold for terraced houses, dock buildings and the like because scribing miniature bricks is the worst fun ever.

Thanks in advance, if all goes to plan I will have a full table by christmas.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Fire Forge Games

Hi Chaps,

A couple of days ago I indulged and bought some figures just for something to paint, Fire Forge 28mm plastic Crusader infantry. These figures turned out to be a really pleasant surprise! Easy to glue together and chunky enough to paint easily unlike Perry twins figures which have too much detail on.

I opted for three figures (mostly) to a base because I thought it looked more natural...if someone is swishing around a sharp pointy weapon I do not think that you would stand too close. Also if I ever paint enough for a game I will probably be playing solo so this keeps my costs down.

Amazon have just informed me that my copy of "In Her Majesties Name" is in the hands of Royal Mail and on its way to me which should provide some interesting reading this weekend! Maybe even a game with my son if I can drag him away from FIFA 13.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Plastic 28mm Templar Infantry

Hi All,

Today saw a rash purchase of Fire Forge Templar Infantry...I would have preferred the more ordinary foot soldiers box but it was too rich for my blood....maybe next week! Anyway the quality is amazing but try as I may I can only get three or four figures onto a 60X40mm base, I have never seen Hail Ceasar but if it anything like Black Powder the number of figures on a base should mean little.

What would you chaps be doing with these? Single bases or units? I may try a mix of both especially with the command types. I will post pics tomorrow as I have 9 assembled and undercoated, happy days settling back into a routine. I have missed painting so much these last few months.

Have fun.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Laser Etching

Hi Chaps,

Has anyone seen the blog where a chap has made buildings for the fall of Berlin in WW2? I think he is from Germany...anyway on his blog he describes how he makes the molds for his amazing buildings....the templates are laser etched onto thick card.

Has anyone done this? I am keen to find out more because I will go mad if I have to draw another brick onto foam card! Mixing resin is surely a much easier task...has anyone any tips or links to a step by step guide?

Thanks in advance if anyone can come up with something....I am currently making a tower where I intend to hole up for the winter! Pics will be taken as it progresses....cutting up cereal boxes is also time consuming and monotonous so I will enlist the help of my boy tonight...slave labour?

The above picture shows what foam card and plasticard can do, sorry but I cannot remember where I got the pics from but this work is very inspirational even if you don't play 40K

Friday, 20 September 2013

Figure ID please

Hi Chaps,

I have just started to paint after the move, just random figures from an ancient pile but one figure is a puzzle. Could anyone please ID the creepy guy in the gown, I am pretty sure that he is GW but alas I probably had hair when I bought him!

No matter what you may think of their prices GW are quality, I would even pay their asking price if only they would start selling Space Hulk again! I still have the first 40K ruleset and a few other versions...but unless I win the lottery I will not be building any armies.

Its good to be back, three weeks waiting to get an engineer to fit a phone line! Lots to catch up on now, I am so happy.

Leyland...and Centurian tanks

I have recently moved back "home" well back to Lancashire where I spent my youth, it is good to be home. Driving down one of the (new to me) by passes I had to do a double take because plopped by the roadside is a Centurian tank!

Within minutes my son was looking around this still impressive vehicle placed as a monument and reminder to the people who produced them in Leyland back in the day. Confirmation that this is indeed a cool town!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Never moving house again!

Hi Chaps,

I have just got back online after moving home...never much junk! Over the next few weeks I hope to catch up on all your blogs and sort my own paint station out. Plastic 28mm are an option now as I actually have a model shop in the next town-Trains and Transport of Preston. This weekend will be my first visit, I will buy something as I already have a new can of primer waiting! (hows that for logic?).

Thanks all....its good to be back, your blogs, painting and gaming are inspiring.