Sunday, 3 September 2017

The last month in pictures

Hi Chaps,

It would seem that despite grabbing 30 minutes painting time before work (6AM ish) units can still be painted even if in a bleary eyed way! Grabbing figures off the shelves to take pictures of them made me realise that I have painted a fair few, they just happen to be from different armies.

It would seem that I have accidentally started an undead army and a Dwarf army! The spirit hosts are a nightmare (pun intended) to put together as the instructions are so unclear and joining pegs etc non existent but they look pretty impressive. Worth the effort now but the unit will only ever be three models.

The Dwarves are from ebay and I have another unit of 12 armed with hammers. Ebay can be kind or it can be a disaster. The corpse cart was partly built when I purchased it and I had to snip off limbs and cart parts to finish the model which when you look closely is still not right. In the end it painted up OK for the table and was 1/2 the price of a new one so..... The driver is to undergo surgery and will function as a dark wizard type and I do need a few wizards as I re bought Frostgrave and intend to play this on my new 3 foot square board which was completed today.

Pics of the board are to follow, it has been such a pleasure having two days off together.

Keep blogging Chaps! Most of your blogs slip through the security net at work and I get to read what you are up to.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

WarHammer Great Swords ... almost

Hi Chaps,

It's been a while and I apologise but that damned work thing has been keeping me busy which in a way is good as I get to buy models.

Anyway as a quick update I thought I would pop my latest purchase on here which are some excellent Artizan designs Landschneckts acting as proxy GW Great Swords. The figures are very similar in size to the GW figures that I already own and should paint up a treat.

I am looking forward to working on these as currently I am painting some Perry medieval cavalry....I don't know what it is about Perry plastics but I always fall short of achieving even a half decent job of them. The models themselves are obviously perfect and I see others painting them with great results but I do fail with them constantly.

Tomorrow I will have pics of my completed board and a few models that I have managed to paint in little bursts of 15 minutes at a time. Who knows I may even get time to have a game with my son Conrad-if I can drag him away from the Call of Duty Beta which does indeed loo amazing. If only my war games table could look as good!