Saturday, 12 August 2017

Scratch Building for Spectre

Hi Chaps,

Well the painting bug has not returned as of yet but I have been busy preparing a board and scratch building a church for some expected Spectre games.

So far I have ordered a lot of figures from Empress and Spectre (arrived within 2 days and are excellent. Sadly my order to The Assault Group over two weeks ago has yet to arrive....when it does I will pop a comparison pic on here so we can compare miniature sizes.

The board is 3' square and is only 12mm mdf...I should have gone thicker or used some other material as it may not stand up to being moved about-it's all a learning curve.

Hopefully the church will end up vague enough to be used anywhere from Spain to the middle east and Mexico! Lots of detail to be added and paint to be slapped on, plastic tile sheets are on order.

Also on order are a couple of Humvees from Grubby and a Technical which should be enough for games of this size. To end the spending spree I am looking for a desk, it seems I am expanding my empire!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thursday night in with Spectre

As an antidote to not wanting to paint/game or scratch build I bought the Spectre modern rule book. This book is a little on the expensive side for me (just the same as the Black Powder series) but it is well illustrated and after just a casual flick through seems well thought out.

I already have a collection of modern figures but the photo's do want me to buy more...I have not given this thing a proper read so as for the rules....who knows? I do suspect that they will be the same quality as the layout though as others gamers rave about them.

Roll on Saturday when I can give this book the reading of its lifetime and then I can compare it with Black Ops and At close quarters. I do so hope it will bring back the desire to paint or build a middle eastern town.