Friday, 23 May 2014

Legal Stuff ends...

Hi Chaps,

this is not really related to wargaming though it does explain my occasional absence or lack of output.

I will now start to look forward to actually living a little and attending a few games shows and who knows even gaming.

Thanks for keeping me sane.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Space Hulk arrives...first game

Hi Chaps,

Well Royal Mail did me proud and Space Hulk arrived and within an hour my son was battling with Genestealers and writing his own miniature legend! The game took around an hour as we plodded through the rules but it was an exciting and tense affair...aptly named Suicide! The marines did flame the room as ordered but the last two men perished the very next turn. I had forgotten just how awesome this game was and watching my son making decisions and enjoying himself really made my day....see for yourselves, it was fun!

The figures are a little dated but I will strip and repaint the metals using nail polish remover and for the plastic Genestealers I will soak them in Dettol for 24 hours which strips paint but does not damage the plastic. In no time the figures will look far more modern. I suppose for the time of this games release the figures were painted to the standard of the time?

Thanks for looking, my son and I recommend this game to anyone who likes miniature gaming, bargains are still out there!

Keep blogging.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Enjoying painting and the sunshine.

Hi Chaps,

Well it's all sunny here at last, maybe even too sunny to take a picture of my figures which does not happen too often. I completed these little post apocolyptic figures last night, the bases have yet to be done of course.

If I am lucky the post tomorrow will have a couple of Space Hulk games in it, although the figures will need a repaint I am sure that my son and I will have a couple of games over the weekend. If I am double lucky the Bretonnian cannon I ordered will arrive as's not that I need one it was cheap and may come in handy at some point over the next decade or so.

Thanks for looking.

Keep blogging!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Games Workshop...more purchases....

Hi All,

Well it has been a busy week with solicitors etc. so the important stuff like my hobby has suffered time wise though the real casualty has been my bank balance.

I have won a couple of auctions for Space Hulk (first edition) and so I naturally needed some figures and then one thing led to another. I had to visit Games Workshop Preston for some red paint and it seems that they have adopted the Foundry 3 shade system with an added wash for each colour? Anyway I cannot wait to try them out.

Whilst I was in the shop I purchased some "Cultist" figures which were actually reasonable at £6 for five, these will fit any future/post apocolypse type of game and are a useful little bunch. Next up was a treat to self for a crap week of legal stuff (actually a crap 6 years). One of my fleabay purchases was a cannon and two crew so this chap will fit the bill as master gunner. I actually have an earlier version of him in metal bought for me by my wife....anyway he was £9 which is damned expensive. Games Workshop can do a decent price (re the Cultists) so why this much for one figure? Anyway like a sucker I bought him.

Keep blogging Chaps, when the rain stops I will post some pictures of the ever growing horde of Space Marine stuff that seems to teleport itself onto my painting station!

Is this addictive?

Monday, 5 May 2014

New camera and the Space Marines

Hi Chaps,

Well I am down to the last two Space Marines (Woot woot...). I do not think that I will be painting anymore soon as they seem to be a lot of work for little return and also they are expensive! I bought this lot from ebay for around £12.00 but even on that site the resale prices are eye watering.

Can anyone recommend a decent figure manufacturer in the UK with a sci-fi range? I have bought some reaper fantasy plastics from ebay just to have a look at them but really I wanted science fiction for the inevitable Space Hulk game that will come my way.

The new camera came with a nifty programe that helps to lighten up pictures of miniatures...slowly getting there with the pics.

The pictures don't seem to capture the detail but I suppose there is not that much because they are Space Marines....I do not think that I will go to the trouble of painting more of these.

Keep blogging Chaps you are an inspiring bunch and I like to learn (or is that copy) from your ideas.