Friday, 26 April 2013

Customer Service

Hi Chaps,

this is going to be a gentle moan rather than a rant...I ordered some figures on the second of April and as yet I have heard nothing from the (as yet nameless) supplier. OK an order for £20 is not going to make anyone rich and it has only been 24 days of silence but...when I compare this sort of customer service to other online industries I get rather frustrated.

My only other hobby is shooting. I occasionally order scopes, bolts, cleaning kits etc and the service is invariably excellent. Any order is despatched quickly and is usually accompanied with the latest advert or a small freebie designed to make you purchase more...not so in wargaming. I know that margins maybe smaller etc etc but it is still frustrating!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

I really need some (28mm) Call Girls!!

Hi All,

Hope your gaming is going to plan as I can assure you that mine is not. The Old Glory UK Ripper set has still not arrived so although I am now all painted up with Holmes and Watson, Ripper and Police the main The Girls are a no show! I do have a couple of 28mm ladies but they are just not slutty enough...I am getting an insight into a film directors work here!

Oh well, maybe they will turn up next week, in the meantime I can build another 28mm slum terrace to cheer myself up. Who knows I may even splash out on the Empire of the Dead rulebook...oh and the Osprey one...choices, choices.

Barrow in Furness is a treasure of mad Victorian buildings, this is the old fire station, a lot of inspiration for Steampunk games. I will post a picture of a few more....the Conservative club looks like it has been pulled right out of a novel!

Thanks for looking. keep blogging!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Empire of the Dead Painting WIP

Hi Chaps,

Well it has been a busy 2 weeks but my son is back at school now so I have a little more free time. These figures arrived from Black Pyramid (?) games just a day or two after I ordered them, unfortunatley my order with Old Glory has still not arrived ...oh well.

The building needs some work but it has been in fits and starts, maybe this week will see it finished. Thanks for looking, I will write up how the Empire of the Dead plays after I have painted up a few more figures. There is a facebook page called "The Darkfire Club" which is really useful for all things Victorian or Steampunk, indeed I was sent some Posters by one of the members.

Thanks for looking....stay busy!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013 in progress (not soup).

Hi All,

I got an amazing tip for representing rivets from Irqan now I would never have thought of this even in several lifetimes but Lentils...the split sort I think...I never even eat them but they do look OK at this early stageof a build. Now for just over a pound I think I will have a lifetimes supply!

This looks odd but once it is spayed black I am sure that it will make some sort of sense! Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Victorian Housing many little bricks!

Hi Chaps,

Thought that I would share the latest build with you...I really need a rest from tiny bricks and slates so the next building is going to be rendered. My 2 foot square board is (very) slowly building up into a street and the first game looms as I now have the figures to begin painting.

Does anyone know what to use as rivet heads? I have bought plastic rod but when I cut it the shape is just not is never flat, what do you chaps use?

Thanks for looking....

Friday, 5 April 2013

New 15mm Plastics


I thought that this might be of interest...Black Powder with affordable plastics that will not take two lifetimes to paint!

Any more information would be useful I am sure.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

28mm Workshop WIP.

Hi Chaps,

well I caved in and bought some Victorian miniatures for the "Steam Punk" type of game despite not having a table full of terrain. The free rules from Empire of the Dead just ticked all the boxes and I thought that it would be a fun game for my son and I. So I need terrain and this is the first piece, it is a work in progress, as yet it needs the base completing and a sign above the door with a name on it but I thought that I would share a little of the process.

This is a basic model and it looks totally pants in the planning stage....scoring all those bricks into the card becomes a chore but once the final paint is on I forgot the repetitive work. Next up are some terraced houses and shops then a grander house. Pretty soon I will have a 2 foot square board ready for most adventures....not perfect but very cheap!

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 1 April 2013

20mm US first test

Hi All,

had a doodle with some figures today, simple rules that my son soon picked up. In no time he had his little men clearing houses keeping units on over watch (one foot on the ground). Although the boy quickly got the hang of the tactics I am sure the best bit for him was rolling D20s and returning fire onto the "bad guys" which we randomly generated.

Tactics wins every time, especially when so many little guys are on overwatch! No wonder the bad sorts resort to IED's it's just safer for them. Thanks for looking.