Saturday, 29 March 2014

Interesting post

Hi Chaps,

you have probably come across this site before but I thought I may just put this up out of interest. The figures etc are mostly fantasy/scifi but the techniques can be applied to anything.'s+Tale+of+Painters)

Thanks and have a good weekend.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

"Well that escalated quickly"

Hi Chaps,

Well this was not expected. For a month I have been in the doldrums obsessed by past events and not finding time for my hobby or anything much else. Then a random and humble box of plastic 1/72 seems to have changed everything. I could not help but provide some transport for my miniatures in the form of a couple of warriors from Britannia and then a Jackal and a few support troops....

The photos are actually from a website of a very talented painter (I hope that he does not mind me using them), please treat yourself and take a look at his site.

Now its off around the blogosphere to find out how you fellows paint your vehicles.

Thank you.

Caesar Mini Brits

Hi Chaps,

Despite being too busy and too involved with a court case to concentrate on anything else I did succumb to a visit to my local model shop "Transport models" in Preston as I was literally passing the door.

Once inside I was pretty impressed by what seems to have been a restock of their plastic figures and I came out clutching some modern Brits and willpower!

The detail on these figures is amazing...they beat most 28mm that I have seen and they are cheap! 32 figures for £6.70. I will not be using all the figures but two 10 man platoon/companies is good going for that price. Now I just have to source Chris Peers set of "At close quarters" and it is game on....well after making some buildings, acquiring some vehicles...aircraft and some command.

Keep blogging your blogs are keeping me sane!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Real life intrusion into my hobby time!

Hi Chaps,

Well I have not posted anything for a couple of weeks due to real life pressures and a lack of time. Its only when I am unable to indulge in my hobby that I realise how much I miss it and just how valuable I regard all this miniature madness.

In passing I have dragged out my Russian 20mm to be worked on, with an eye test booked this scale may become a little easier to paint. Also I have a list of modern 20mm that I will order from Britannia. (One of the best parts of the hobby for me is making army lists...).

In my reading time I am keeping up to speed with the blogs I follow.

 Thank you for keeping me sane! Sorry about the lack of posts I will be able to explain why in the coming week or so.