Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Valiant Rapid Fire Brits

Hi Chaps,

I can attest that being off work is amazing. Decorating is well under way and my British Infantry Battalion is now complete. I do not have a pic of it all together as everything here is upside down due to the decorating but my games table will be out shortly so a Battalion snap will be taken and posted. In the mean time here is the HQ company and a few of the men....

The dullness of the pics is a little disappointing but I am working on it. The figures were speed painted on a white undercoat, a wash of Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted. All the guys have a battalion patch and rank insignia, I suppose they could do with a lighter flesh highlight. From box to tabletop this full Battalion took 8 hours which for me is pretty quick. The Germans may well take a little longer.

The Germans are stuck together and based awaiting a black undercoat. Sadly the Plastic Soldier Company order has not arrived yet so no armoured support for either side is available. A trip to my local hobby shop later today may see some cheapo Zvezda reinforcements or even a few Hat figures purchased.

Next challenge will be a small skirmish.

Keep blogging Chaps.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Rapid Fire 20mm (again)

Hi Chaps,

Well the hot weather continues to put a halt to pretty much all of my painting but to be honest I am not getting much spare time at all at the minute. But.... I have made what for me is a major war gaming investment as a sort of treat to self.

I have purchased the starter deal from the Rapid Fire website and also a box of A9s and Pz38T's from the Plastic soldier company. Hopefully this stuff should arrive in time for my two weeks summer holiday which will be spent decorating, family time and hobby time.

Hopefully Rumford and Marsh won't send the lads around for using their picture! At under £30 this set is a bargain, link below.


I am hoping that I can make the Brits look like early war, likewise with the Germans and if not-well I play solo!

The Plastic Soldier company stuff has been good for me in the past so I am expecting the tanks to be fine. Pretty much for less than £80 inc postage I will have the basis for two decent armies which I can add to when the mood takes me.

I have found that armies of this period are never finished as there is always that extra vehicle needed or command group or field kitchen ... its a long list.

Keep blogging Chaps