Wednesday, 7 January 2015

28mm Buildings and inspiration from the web...

Happy New Year.

It may seem that there has not been much happening up here in the north but actually I have been busy making a 28mm modern African collection of buildings. Photographs will be posted shortly.... I also ordered from Britannia miniatures who very kindly sent some samples that reflected what I had ordered-an excellent touch so well done that man.

The internet is amazing as I constantly find new websites which inspire me to try new things (war games related I assure you). One such site is run by James Wappel who is probably the best miniature painter on the planet. As well as being talented Mr Wappel kindly does the odd tutorial for the mortals who aspire to paint better...please have a look at this Space marine he has painted below.

The Wappel website lives here...

Keep blogging Chaps as I need to copy your ideas!