Monday, 30 December 2013

Force on Force arrives!

Today Christmas arrived a little early (or late) as my latest wargaming purchase arrived. Force on Force is a hardback rulebook and is probably the best looking set of rules that I have ever seen.

Having only flipped through the book I can't say what the game will play like but for me it already seems unconventional. Throwing handfuls of dice that would be more at home in a game of D and D will take some getting used to as will the fluid turn sequence. This really is a new approach to a complicated subject...

To be on the safe side I will also track down "At Close Quarters" which if I remember correctly does much the same thing in a far more familiar way. To its credit this ruleset does force one to adhere to small scale organisation with the units operating as I recognise them.

Going to sign off now, take some Ibuprofen and dig out some more D8s....alternative wargaming is a cruel mistress so I may have a beer as well.

I would be very interested to hear what others think of this it all just show or does it work?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Force on Force but which scale?

Hi Chaps,

I could use some advice please. I purchased Force on Force and despite loving 28mm I realise that good old 20mm would be cheaper and possibly give a better game? What are your thoughts please? Also are there any modern 20mm suppliers in the UK?  I used to order from Britannia, are they still reliable?

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Police transport

Hi Chaps,

this is coming along slowly but should be painted in the next few days.

A trip to the model shop is planned tomorrow where I will buy some plastic rod, my next model will be sporting rivets. A read of IHMN again for inspiration tonight should also jog things on and make me complete some more scenery, this has been a complete year without even one game!

Keep blogging chaps I am inspired by your work and quite often copy it!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Charity Shop bargain and the next scratch build.

My dearest sister produced this from her bag the other day! A Lledo St Johns cost 50p and it fits 1/48 scale or thereabouts. It will soon be a police wagon, just some plastic card strips and a respray should do it.

Over the holidays I hope to build a couple more warehouses for IHMN. With all the real life stuff going on I have not been doing much hobby wise. (I also need to post a damn parcel that I should have sent months ago!-just reminded myself). Preston Lancashire is home to many Victorian industrial buildings so I will pay it a visit and take some pictures, I will be moulding some windows and doors over the hols as well to speed up the scratch building process.

Here are some local buildings.

Here in the UK we are really spoilt for choice regarding Victorian inspiration. Now I just need to source a local supplier of 5mm blue extruded polystyrene!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

20mm Cart

Hi All,

I have completed 3 T34/85s this weekend and a German cart. The cart is actually a world war one model but it will be absorbed into my growing Rapid fire German army...

Anyone who has ever been on campaign/exercise will know just how good it is to see transport pull up ready to distribute food and water (maybe even ammunition?)! I plan to have one wagon for each infantry battalion and each artillery battery, motorised units will get a lorry. Even now it looks as though my table will be a little more crowded.

Sorry for the picture quality. Next on my list will be some 20mm houses, I think I will just copy straight out of the rulebook....its flattery not plagiarism!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It has been a dark time.

Hi Chaps,

The death of my wife and son was covered up-it's official.

This is a bit heavy and non hobby related so do not read it unless you have a similar experience. It is my explanation for so few posts over the last week or so.

Thanks Chaps...I will be back soon, hopefully with painted T-34s and some Victorians!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

20mm Eastern Front figure mountain!

This is a sensation that I rarely experience! That of having a figure mountain!! A mountain that I actually want to paint and I am looking forward to the effects that I want to experiment with....

Please excuse the hasty picture of my very untidy painting table but I felt that I had to share this moment. A close inspection of the artillery would confirm that I am o model maker but I am relying on people just not noticing my mistakes! The carts are actually HAT WW1 German carts but they will do for me as WW2 carts...incredible to think that by January I will have two opposing armies and my son and I can actually play a game that is not on the Xbox!

I have no idea what the profit / investment ratio for the plastic figure manufacturers would be but Valiant and the Plastic Soldier Company products are so good I would happily game any period they produced. HAT also have been amazing...maybe the day will come when we are playing "In Her Majesties Name" in 20mm? The technology is obviously available-these are big 20mm as I can see them- if the money is there maybe these companies will meet demand?

Keep blogging the moment IHMN is my favourite set of rules, the game reports from others is making me squander hours of reading...I love it so please keep reporting.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Owner of a plastic mountain and Chinese 28mm

Hi Chaps,

Well I could not resist the local model shop and I bought 3 T-34/85 tanks from the plastic soldier company and a box of their Russian Infantry. With no games under my belt this year I now have two opposing forces, a map and a little plastic mountain of figures waiting to be painted and based....ahh I have a sense of being a true gamer almost!

This afternoon in a bright spell I braved the freezing weather to snap a few pictures of my 28mm Chinese Great Swords and infantry....they are a joy to paint but SO much more expensive than 20mm!

It will take me years to become a miniature Chinese Warlord but only a few weeks to be a 20mm general...what have you Chaps been up to?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Plastic 20MM....

Hi Chaps,

Just a quick update as to what I will be painting this month. Mostly 20mm German plastics from Valiant (I love the figure size even if they are giants) and some Zvezda models to give a little extra to my rapid Fire battalion.

The bundle above cost less than £20 which is a bargain. Not many other pastimes could give you a months hobby time for that sort of money. last month I painted over 30 Copplestone Chinese figures and although I will return to them I just needed a change of paint colours.

So the only question left is when will Valiant be producing some Soviet 20mm giants?

keep blogging Chaps it is fascinating seeing what others can produce! Sorry about the picture quality I had to snap these at the first sign of blue sky.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

20MM Heads up!

Hi All,

I have been a long time fan...30 plus years, of 20MM figures. My first serious attempt at wargaming was with the book "Operation Warboard" by Gavin Lyall (I think) and the rest as they say is history. For a great part of that time most of my gaming was with plastic 1/72 figures and tanks which I cherished. Somewhere along the line I strayed away from 20mm although "Rapid Fire" has always held my interest. Without doubt 28mm now reigns supreme but I have always had a soft spot for 20mm...and look what this guy can do with a humble Zvezda figure!

I hope that he does not mind me plopping a couple of his pics on here!

20mm will be making a comeback in my collection if I could paint anything like that! Hope you enjoy chaps, I am off to rummage out some old 20mil and buy some smaller brushes...and a magnifying glass.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Post Number 200....thanks to you all!

Hi Chaps,

Well a milestone is upon me that I had never given any thought to. 200 posts...I must have read thousands of other peoples blog posts and for me it has transformed my hobby. For myself my learning curve has risen sharply since I discovered blogging, there are so many talented people out in blog land. I must thank you all for the inspiration.

My first blue extruded styrene building is now complete (OK some detail needs to be added but it is useable).

I felt I had to include a picture of my painting station as I have saved so many pics of other peoples work areas! I have no idea why but how people organise their work stations is really interesting.

As it is my 200th post I thought that I would add a little list of the companies that have provided me with good (in some cases amazing) service.

Copplestone Castings

Antenocitis Workshop

Renegade Miniatures

Warlord Games

The Assault Group

Thanks for looking, so far its been an amazing ride-keep blogging Chaps!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Scratch Building from Tibet to London!

Hi Chaps,

Its half term so the modelling time has been reduced but I have still completed 10 Perry Sudanese who are now acting as slavers for Darkest Africa and another 10 are waiting for greenstuff to be applied so they can be used in IHMN.

The buildings are coming along slowly, the larger blue styrene building has been a learning curve and should look acceptable once the windows and doors are fitted. The Tibetan farm will pass off as Indian or even arab so should be useful.

What have you Chaps been up to on the Victorian building front?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Antenocitis Workshop simply superb!


I have a tale of the ultimate in customer care! The other day I ordered a pathetically small amount of blue foam from Antenocitis Workshop....I received a call explaining that there was a problem with my debit I checked this out and blamed my wild child daughter who had just had her freshers week at uni... nothing at all to do with her but still a problem! (And there still bloody is!)

Anyway not my daughters fault....this is yet to be resolved but Antenocitis workshop still posted me the foam board! This really is above and beyond what anyone would expect of any supplier in any field. I would like to thank them and also recommend this fabulous company to you all.

I will post later this week to let you know what has happened to my card...if it criminal these must be the worlds dumbest as there is never much in there!....

Also this blog is worth a look, although the chap seems to be a follower of the wrong side he has some interesting stuff including using Skype etc ...solo wargaming may be a thing of the past if that catches on!

keep blogging...and be careful if you use your card in a pub!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Antenocitis Workshop

Hi All,

I just put the smallest order into Antenocitis Workshop....and the chap I spoke to was wonderfully helpful! I have ordered some blue foam for scratch building and they actually sold me what they had left....amazing customer service. I fully recommend these chaps.

Have a good day all.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Anti Gravity 1895 style. (and a terrain tip!).

Hi Chaps,

Due to meeting my solicitor today I could not sleep last night...and this happened. One empty pate' box and a couple of lids that were in my bits box became an anti gravity machine. Just how it propels itself I have yet to work out...propellor probably! A trip to B and Q is on the cards for a testor pot of dark grey, I actually have the background for this machine written down along with two solo games for IHMN....I just did not have the model.

The craft will be on a clear stand made from a bottle...(I am on a budget!). Controls, rope and rivets will be added, to be honest I had not given this any thought, maybe next time I will make sure that the parts are a better fit and actually draw some plans first. Never mind, my 28mm alter ego will have a means of entering museums, trouble spots and stately homes that no other fiend has thought of-yet!

Just remembered. Never walk passed a charity shop, for 79p I bought six placemats which are A4 size and made of cork, coated with plastic on one side. Turn the mat over (to the cork side) and you have a very durable base for much cheaper than buying MDF and ready cut....coasters for drinks are also useful for smaller terrain pieces.

Keep blogging!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Painted Copplestone Chinese Bandits

Hi Chaps,

I have completed half of this weeks Copplestone order, the photos were a rush to avoid inclement weather! I really enjoy painting Copplestone figures as they quickly look effective even with a basic paint job. Renegade Miniatures seem to do the same....maybe its the sculpting style?

Last night I noticed that Irregular Miniatures have a Yak and herdsman and also a camel pulling a cart....despite now being sober I am still impressed with these items which are now on my wish list.

The last two pictures are from the Irregular Miniatures website (please dont put my windows in for using them!). Keep blogging Chaps its much better than real life!

Friday, 11 October 2013

My life with Hammer House of Horror.

For two years I lived (very happily) at Bank Hall Lodge in Bretherton Lancashire. The rent was cheap and I had free roam over my garden and accompanying estate, verily I ate Grouse, Pheasant and Venison.....and rabbit...and get the picture. The gatehouse I lived in was built in 1609 and was really amazingly creepy....

It was cold and lonely but it was home and I loved it! recently I discovered that a couple of Hammer House of Horror films were made on this spot (my teenage years were molded by this film company) so I just had to share my story. Just behind the lodge is an old bridge which is very picturesque and from which I shot so many rabbits!

The actual house which was used for a lot of filming is now in a poor state of repair, I have wandered around inside but did not give it much thought at the time. This national treasure is soon to be restored...can I have my lodge back please?

The tower still exists with rotting books still on their shelves...the gardens are full of trees. Pheasants are everywhere!

Copplestone Amazing Service

Copplestone have amazed me.

I ordered Wednesday afternoon, 9th of October and today Friday 11th October my little order arrived. The figures as ever are world class from this company but it is the speed of their mail order which has absolutely astounded me.

Usually I expect a five day too ten day response, this puts Copplestone ahead of the fabled Irregular Miniatures in response time. I am impressed. I have no idea how the dark world of figure sculpting works but I do wonder id Renegade employ Mr Copplestone to work on their own range as the figures appear similar? Either way I am a very happy solo gamer at the moment.

If you have never painted a Copplestone figure then you have never lived! Try some of these. (OK a bit over the top but I have seen so many Carlsberg adverts...). Along with the Renegade range these figures make the most average paint job look awesome.

Keep blogging Chaps, I think that the blog thing has pushed wargaming standards along exponentially, I have been in this hobby for 30 years (well a bit more) and things have never been so accessible or looked so good. Credit to you all.

Got to mention these lads...

It may be old age but the bigger rounder figure is easier too get along example would be my girlfriend...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ordered from Copplestone Today

Hi Chaps,

This afternoon I put a modest order in with Copplestone Castings for some "Back of Beyond" Chinese bandit figures. One pack of men with rifles, one pack of 10 bandits with rifles, these will be handy figures for "In Her Majesties Name" or just regular games.

I have painted these figures before but having just watched Jackie Chan's 1911 I am all stoked up for this period. Do not be put off by the appearance of Mr Chan in this film, he is actually a damn good straight actor and this is a fine film. I always thought the Dowager Empress died in 1908 but I could be wrong....

Maybe after my lottery win I will be able to order a substantial number of figures from a manufacturer! Sorry figure manufacturers until that win I wont be making anyone rich...although in a couple of weeks another order is planned.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

28mm Victorian Houses...the pain of it!

Hi Chaps,

Well in a way I am glad that I am not the only one who is wrestling with Victorian scenery! It is a pity that there is no database where a gamer can go and source 28mm iron railings or gas street lamps etc...I have to say this chap is creating art and is well worth a look;

Once I have found a material to make a master in I will be molding away....just need to source it but I am not sure how much longer I can keep surfing!

Keep blogging Chaps, your stuff is useful reference material for us all.

Foam board for mold making

Hi Chaps....

...its like this-I need to own a building, well actually rather a lot of buildings. My Italian contact who actually has an excellent blog

recommends this eulithe stuff but I cannot find a supplier anywhere! Bearing in mind that I intend to make a mold has anyone got an alternative that is available in the UK and is err cheap (I am on a budget!).

The reason for all this activity is because today I received "In Her Majesties Name". Usually I am not very moved by a set of rule (I have had Black Powder for over a year) but I have waited for this so long...and it seems so simple that I want to play this game with my son. The number of figures needed is actually very small but unfortunately the buildings needed are many! We can't win!

My cunning plan is to cast the buildings out of stone plaster from a home made mold....once they are on an MDF base they will serve their purpose. Anyone done this before?

Thanks in advance!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

I need rivets damn it! (oh and advice on laser etching)

Hi Chaps,

Fiddling around today and decided I need some small rivets. I have used split red lentils (an idea a Chap passed to me on here) but now I need a smaller rivet of a consistent size!

I once read about a craft punch that someone was using to make these things out of....has anyone done this? Also if anyone has used a laser etching service to make a building/scenery out of I could use a pointer....

In Her Majesties Name should arrive very shortly and I want the scenery to be spot on-in a perfect world I will be making a mold for terraced houses, dock buildings and the like because scribing miniature bricks is the worst fun ever.

Thanks in advance, if all goes to plan I will have a full table by christmas.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Fire Forge Games

Hi Chaps,

A couple of days ago I indulged and bought some figures just for something to paint, Fire Forge 28mm plastic Crusader infantry. These figures turned out to be a really pleasant surprise! Easy to glue together and chunky enough to paint easily unlike Perry twins figures which have too much detail on.

I opted for three figures (mostly) to a base because I thought it looked more natural...if someone is swishing around a sharp pointy weapon I do not think that you would stand too close. Also if I ever paint enough for a game I will probably be playing solo so this keeps my costs down.

Amazon have just informed me that my copy of "In Her Majesties Name" is in the hands of Royal Mail and on its way to me which should provide some interesting reading this weekend! Maybe even a game with my son if I can drag him away from FIFA 13.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Plastic 28mm Templar Infantry

Hi All,

Today saw a rash purchase of Fire Forge Templar Infantry...I would have preferred the more ordinary foot soldiers box but it was too rich for my blood....maybe next week! Anyway the quality is amazing but try as I may I can only get three or four figures onto a 60X40mm base, I have never seen Hail Ceasar but if it anything like Black Powder the number of figures on a base should mean little.

What would you chaps be doing with these? Single bases or units? I may try a mix of both especially with the command types. I will post pics tomorrow as I have 9 assembled and undercoated, happy days settling back into a routine. I have missed painting so much these last few months.

Have fun.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Laser Etching

Hi Chaps,

Has anyone seen the blog where a chap has made buildings for the fall of Berlin in WW2? I think he is from Germany...anyway on his blog he describes how he makes the molds for his amazing buildings....the templates are laser etched onto thick card.

Has anyone done this? I am keen to find out more because I will go mad if I have to draw another brick onto foam card! Mixing resin is surely a much easier task...has anyone any tips or links to a step by step guide?

Thanks in advance if anyone can come up with something....I am currently making a tower where I intend to hole up for the winter! Pics will be taken as it progresses....cutting up cereal boxes is also time consuming and monotonous so I will enlist the help of my boy tonight...slave labour?

The above picture shows what foam card and plasticard can do, sorry but I cannot remember where I got the pics from but this work is very inspirational even if you don't play 40K