Saturday, 30 April 2011

Preston-the metropolis!

Had a drive down to visit my sister in Preston-this city has an excellent hobby and model shop "Trains and Transport" so I nipped in and bought some figures for what now appears to be my summer project. Italeri Panthers and Zvezda Russian a good mood now so I am off to drink a few beers and dream of the miniature battles to come.

Revell figure purchase

I bought two packs of Revell figures for use in Rapid Fire wargames. The Russians are a bit limited as the chaps with skis are not really my thing, the Germans make up for this though as its almost a full battalion! £5.99 for all these figures just cannot be bettered, indeed I may buy some armour to help build my forces, I have a pic here of the troops after being washed.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Armourfast website

Thought I would plop an interesting link on here for Armourfast, maybe everyone has heard of them but here is the link the forum has potential and maybe we could convince them to make some modern 20mm stuff? Technicals spring to mind first off as I dont think there are any being produced in plastic....
I will update again in the next few days, the weather is too good to paint here in the Uk-hay we have to take advantage of sunshine when we can!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Work in progress...

Hi All,
thought I put a pic on of some very unruly chaps and an American command team and sniper section.....the grey plastic is really good to paint on but I cant remember who makes them! I will have to have a look around and find what else they produce as the quality is really good.
Next small lump of spare money is going on a Rapid Fire 20mm army, obviously some German but maybe Soviets as well.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Sometimes I think we all need a WOW! moment to spur us on and this morning it was pleasure to have one of those moments. It was'nt even a porn star that gave me a jolt but this blog A visit to this chaps site is essential viewing. Just when I could'nt be bothered to do anything (my mind still dwells a lot on the loss of my wife and son), this blog really inspired me.

I may not yet be painting WW2 but I just got a new standard to aspire to. Hope all the gamers out there get some inspiration as well!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dusting off the paint brushes

Hi Chaps,
I have been extremely busy of late but at last some spare time approaches so I have dug out my painting equipment in readiness! Whilst cleaning out I also found a copy of Rapid Fire-not read it for years....forgot just how ground breaking all thos cool colour photos were in a ruleset! If I had a hobby shop close by I would be painting up a Soviet horde right now, oh well.
Will post some pictures of my insurgents later.