Monday, 31 October 2011

20mm painting quality (my eyes!)

Morning All,

I was looking through my stash of pictures (no not that sort) when I came across some that I had downloaded in the past-and this stuff is just 20mm figure porn....I have not been able to think of anything else! Now this has presented me with a couple of problems. Firstly my stuff is utter pants in comparison and secondly how do I learn to paint like this?

 Apologies to the man who created these works of art-I think the Napoleonic figure was done by an Italian chap? Anyway these are stunning.

Having had an almost religious experience at what can be achieved with 20mm I now may attempt to up my game from base colours and a diluted wash...I suppose its all down to what we are using the figures for? I am certainly going to spend a little more time on my 20mm figures and afford them a little more respect...I'm off to look for the blog that these pics came from for more inspiration. Have a good Monday.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Painting time...barristers and AK47??

Hi Chaps,

its been a busy week or two visiting my barrister and medical experts so my painting time is well down though I have completed a British company (Hat 1/72) and I am pleased enough with them. Next up I have the Hat Jaegers to paint and the artillery...interesting times to say the least!

The link above will explain where my time is going-its pretty boring and depressing so I would'nt bother with it unless you are particularily interested in that sort of thing.

I was chatting to a fellow wargamer in Preston (The Metropolis) and we were discussing which scale and ruleset suits modern warfare best. I went for Chris Peers "At close Quarters" in 20mm my chum opted for 6 or 15mm and was open to try any ruleset. One thing we both agreed on (we have around 40 years military service between us) was that randomness must be a factor in any game...does that mean Peter Pigs AK47 ruleset is the most accurate?

Oh well, I will post some pics next time...I would like to discover what rulesets and scales you chaps use ...links to pics would be great! Thanks

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hat and Emhar order arrives!

Hi Chaps,

I can't believe its nearly 2pm! I have had a day of silence, glueing and sticking! I must say that the quality of both Hat and Emhar is outstanding! The Hat figures are particularily nice, they seem bulkier than usual 1/72nd scale figures which is great as I feel like I am actually painting something people will be able to see.

There are two companies of infantry (One German and one Brit) in the shed based with a coat of matt black and almost all the artillery is built...though it is a bit fiddly as I am no kit builder. It feels good to have a plastic mountain to paint but I dont think it will take too long as 20mm is pretty speedy.

Up to now no one wants the 28mm stuff that kick started my painting so I may put it on one want to swap any of them for Contemptable little armies?? It would save me a lot of hassle as I find it hard work...

I have'nt applied any PVA glue to these little fellows...instead I will rely on the primer, paint and varnish to keep them strong-I may use PVA in the next batch though! hat industries are for me the best manufacturer in 20mm...Copplestone the best in 28mm...?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Great war...update

Sorry, I meant to include this heros work in my post today but I got distracted preparing vegetables and school uniforms...please have a look around this blog.

Inspirational stuff indeed! Strelets figures are superb, I think they have the character of metal figures and look suitably chunky. Thanks for looking.

Great War Rulesets and jungle roads

I was just wandering around the net looking for reviews on WW1 era rulesets when I chanced upon this... at £10 for the Warhammer version of miniature mayhem I think I have found a winner.

As for primary source material this site takes some beating I really could spend hours looking at the groovy kit that was available to all sides in the Great War. My grandfather Isaac Hendrickson won the military cross for retrieving wounded during some battle or other-I have never seen the medal but I really should try and get a copy of the write up about this incident.

Oh well hope your all having a great weekend, I have just sat down-I never realised just how many hours of house work are required to keep a house running! My son and I have been alone now for 3 years and I think we are just now establishing a routine and keeping our heads above water so if you chaps have a better half out there go give them a hug because they probably do more work than you realise!! Anyway I was looking at some old photos...
The pic is my son (taken a few years ago), the Thai house can be seen in the background-he is actually on the main road running passed our house though now its all high tech and the road is concrete which makes for interesting driving (and walking) when it rains. Maybe a handy reference for any terrain builders of AK47 games or Vietnam?

Friday, 14 October 2011

Just spent £30...need to rest...

Hi Chaps,

I have just ordered four boxes of figures and spent nearly £30! I have gone dizzy with this reckless spending but at least I dont think I will need any more figures till next year. I used Transport models in Preston and Hannants for the Emhar artillery sets . I expect delivery will be some time next spray is ready and waiting.

An excellent source for wargaming is The Plastic Soldier Review infact its hard not to be impressed by the sheer amount and diversity now available in plastic 20mm...I do hope they dont mind but I borrowed a couple of pictures to show you chaps what I have ordered...I will remove the pics if I've breached any copyright...just dont send the lads round to snap my brushes!

I am looking forward to deciding the colours to use on all of the above but I am no rivet counter so close is near enough...

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

World War One in 20mm...

Hi Chaps,

has anyone gamed the first world war in 20mm? Tomorrow I will be ordering a bucketful (well 4 boxes) of Hat German and British. Contemptable little armies should be simple enough for my son to get a grip of...we have played only a couple of games this year so I want to spend some game time with him...Conrad already likes history so this should all be good.

I have two sprues of Hat 28mm ...Spanish /Norman just please email me your address and I will post them-just not my thing. Also if anyone has any unpainted 20mm first world war figures to swap for around 36 painted Perry medieval plastics (pics on an earlier post) I will swap practically anything. Also the earlier posted Romans are up for the same sort of swap?? Indeed if anyone has the ruleset that would be good as well. My storage space is limited and I cant be bothered with ebay so I hope this way of unloading figures will work.

Sorry no pictures...I will post some over the weekend, a few more Chinese Bandits have been painted and a mummy from an old boardgame...

The advice about painting and scale that I have recieved in comments has been absolutley spot on so thanks chaps-maybe one day I can buy you all a beer...up until then it will have to be an imaginary one over the net!

Have a good weekend.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Copplestone castings rule!

Hi All,

its been a busy weekend but I still got some painting squeezed in..Copplestone figures are an absolute joy to paint! I may consider joining/starting the Copplestone appreciation society, I ordered the Chinese Bandits and each figure has an  excellent quality which makes it a stand alone character. Chinese army next...or some Yaks??

Alongside the figure painting I have been making some oriental type buildings...some of which I will be able to use almost anywhere. I am gradually learning the art of working with foamboard, it is surprisingly versatile and is a quick way to create terrain. The next technique to master will be rubber moulds for doors and windows, I will still cut the foam but slide in a cast door or window, I hope that this will give a uniform appearance to later buildings.

Years ago I read about how prisoners (the article was interviewing Vietnam veterans) would plan out castles or elaborate buildings in their imagination to escape the awful reality they were in...anyway I will leave the pop psychology alone but it just occured to me.

I have more buildings under constructionand will base them all on a standard size piece of mdf. The only thing holding back my enthusiasm for this period is the small matter of funds though I hope to solve this problem by winning the lottery later this week.

Thanks for looking, most of my inspiration (OK I copy) comes from other blogs which are an endless source of amazement for me, please forgive me if I havent left any comments blogger hates me and just sends me into a loop if I leave a comment.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Off to the East!

Hi Chaps,

well the cold sweats and guilt have almost passed...I purchased some of Copplestones Bandits and Bandit command, at a tad over £21.00 inc postage I should'nt be worried. I have a fondness for the east as I lived for a while in Thailand, I cant wait to go back! In the meantime I plan to construct a few real reason as I have no plans for an army or a campaign. I found an old photo of a dapper chap probably from the 1890s, it was taken in Hong Kong and is a good primary source for what the man about town was wearing!
Its not often that I suffer from jealousy but the chap who owns this game room is living my dream! I stumbled across this on another blog and I hope that Ray does'nt mind me posting it definatley is the best gamesroom I have seen on the blogosphere so far-well done that man! It gives us mere mortals something to aspire to!

Monday, 3 October 2011


Hi All,
a second post for today which is unusual but I am having a lazy day. I seem to be fascinated by how other people approach this hobby, I like to look at how others paint, collect and game...indeed seeing pictures of other peoples workstations is becoming ever more interesting to me. My work space is very small-I live in a cottage in the lakes so I was never going to have much space! Anyway I have included a pic of my paint station for those who like that sort of thing and also a pic of an Old Glory adventurer...from one of the Darkest Africa bags, surprisingly this chap turned out OK but I have found Old Glory a bit hit and miss with their quality. I am on the cusp of ordering around £20 worth of figures...aahh lifes good!

One of the mysteries of this hobby is that a workstation will never ever look tidy...its just a law of nature, maybe one day scientists will find the answer.


Hi Chaps,

I painted these Romans because I had them in reserve. There should have been 12 but the command stand would only fit 3, I dont suppose it matters because I have no intention of making an army out of them I just wanted to try a spot of speed painting. The keen eyed will notice that there is a shield on upside down-I can only blame the beer I was drinking, only a couple (OK 4) but I thought it was having no effect. These figures cost £11 for the box which was a bargain but what do I do with the 9 left over?

Thanks for looking...