Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pictures (of a fashion) at last!

Hi Chaps

its been fairly hectic here but I have purchased a battery charger and rushed off a few pictures. The Ashanti are a bit fuzzy but when I have completed the unit I will take better pictures. Having "seen the future" earlier this month I have to admit that my first purchase of 2012 was not plastic but Copplestone metal...and excellent quality it was too! Ordered Tuesday and dropped onto my doormat Thursday-now that it impressive by any ones standards and yes I will be ordering from this company again next month. (My order was £20 including postage so really it was tiny...yet still top notch service, well done Copplestone).

At the moment I am just painting whatever takes my fancy...inevitably I will sell some figures later in the year to make room for more-Black powder fever is just around the corner but it would take months to paint up even two opposing brigades in 28mm....Jervis Johnson and Rick Priestly have a lot to answer for.

Slightly unrelated but worth a mention is the quality of other peoples blogs. I now follow lots of you chaps about-nothing like stalking at all-honest. It maybe just me but everyone seems to have upped their game, could it be that the internet is giving us all inspiration and knowledge?

Oh well good luck to you all and keep blogging!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

First unit of 2012 completed!

Hi Chaps!

well the first unit of 2012 has been painted and almost based...Copplestone Chinese Bandits in 28mm. To be honest they were the only figures I had to paint and I was in a painting mood! I am very pleased with the result but I dont know what to do with them as I have no other figures to go with these. I would like to post some pictures....but my battery charger fell apart! It was 6 years old but now I am left with no way to take pictures!

French Empress Dragoons by Perry maybe next simply because I want to paint them! I am thinking of Black Powder with avarege units being 3 stands of 5/6 figures...would this work? A cavalry unit would be 3X2 cavalry figures...I dont know why I'm asking as I play solo anyway! Maybe I need confirmation that my plans are not completely insane?

Good to see you all working away on your blogs...there is some really good stuff out there!

Take care till next time....(with pics hopefully).


Friday, 13 January 2012

I have seen the future! (Its 28mm and plastic!)

Hi All,

I do hope that the hangovers have been forgotten and plans are underway for new armies? Last year I purchased the "Black Powder" ruleset and they read OK and others seem to like them. Being a solo gamer I have to paint both sides (and more importantly pay for) so any new undertaking is a big deal. Also this year is going to be a big one court the high court in a few months so I am unsure really as too how much gaming time I will have.

Having said all that I am VERY impressed with all the plastic 28mm figures now available. Also having done a little maths the 28mm are actually the same price or even cheaper than 15mm metal! So the future is 28mm and plastic!

Photos soon

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi Chaps!

Happy New year-another opportunity to start a new campaign or period....probably the best thing about a new year all told. So what will you fellows be embarking on? A total new period or scale? I havent decided myself but my 20mm inter war armies continue to grow thanks especially to Doc Vesuvius.

Oh well must crack on...I will post some pictures of the Barrow workers militia soon...along with their new tanks!

Take care All!