Sunday, 31 March 2013

20mm and I are back together! (WIP).

I would like to announce that 20mm and I are back together....we had a spat which was all my fault due to my poor judgement and eyesight! In all seriousness I am smitten by this scale again, it is cheap and it can produce good results very quickly. These chaps got a coat of very cheap acrylic and they seem OK to me. In a couple of days my son and I will be taking them on patrol in a miniature landscape.

Next on the list are some Brits and some miniature vehicles-has anyone ordered from the new owner of Britannia miniatures?

I really will sort out how to photograph my miniatures in future! Thanks for looking and have a good easter break.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ceasar 20mm US figures

A pleasant little package dropped through the letterbox this morning. Trains and Transport of Preston sent me in very quick manner some Ceasar figures that I had ordered only the day before. As for the figures I am just blown away with the quality of sculpting and the neatness of the casts-I only hope that my aging eyes will be able to paint them!

As for the paint I may just wing it and use what I have to hand though I did buy a tube of acrylic "Sand" which when I look at it in a good light may not be exactly right...I will fudge it. So for £6.00 my son and I will have enough figures for a small game over the Easter weekend, in the future the games will get more ambitious.

I would appreciate some advice chaps,

  • Can any one recommend a cheap supplier of modern resin vehicles in 1/72 please?
  • A simple ruleset? Is force on force any good ?
Thanks in advance...I have not got the patience for kit making....

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

20mm Painting Inspiration

I spent a few hours last night having a look around at what can be done with 20mm as a scale. It was both inspiring but also rather sobering when I look at what I have been producing! I will definatley up my game in the next few weeks, in the meantime why not treat yourself to some figure porn in 20mm?

Rob H

Tutorial by Martello

Tips (Min wax is interesting)

Essential reading

I know that you have all probably seen these sites before but some of the information maybe of use....just hide your bank card before going on the Plastic Soldier Review site!

Thanks for looking and have an excellent day. Spot the chaps who had a hangover when this pic was taken....even smiling hurt!

Monday, 25 March 2013

20mm Test Figures


well last night I tried to paint 20mm again. My aging eyes are booked in for an eye test so these were painted under a handy table standing magnifying glass! Very steampunk...I want a Victorian looking one!

I have lowered my expectations of 20 mil, this compromise will allow me to actually get a game in now and then. Now I just need a supplier of resin vehicles in 20mm based in the UK, any ideas? I have seen these chaps online but worryingly there are no prices!

The model of a car with figures shooting from it is an amazing piece of art...a middle eastern drive by!

I apologise for the dullness of the pictures but they were taken in a rush, it is going to be pretty easy to assemble forces in this scale if the right vehicles can be found...I prefer not to do kits.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

20mm Plastics to the rescue!

I wonder if this would work? Given that Zvezda are releasing some 20mm moderns this could be a good way to get some games in with my son...just need to sell some figures to release the funds!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Zvezda go modern?

Hi Chaps,

hope that your week went well? As you can see I am posting at 11PM on a Saturday night so I must be single! (Actually I do have a girlfriend and I hope to put her pic on here soon to prove that I am not a nerd). Anyway I digress. Zvezda may be producing a series of modern 15mm models....this really grabs my attention as I like to paint modern stuff but cannot really justify the cost of metal in this scale. Have a look at this....

Hope our Saturday was better than mine chaps! Still I am a big boy and can stay up late gluing more Perry crossbowmen together! Have a good Sunday.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A slow March (if you know what I mean)

Hi All,

I don't know what happened this month...I blame the Perry detail and white undercoat. Finally the Burgundians seem to be almost there but it has taken some big "man sighs" to get back to the painting table, only 9 crossbowmen to glue together! I was going to sell them but if I live long enough I may build an army they can fight against....second thought where is my camera? In all seriousness I think that these figures are too detailed. Excellent proportions and excellnt craftsmanship (the Perry twins are true artists) but I just don't have the time or the eye power to do these justice....which leaves me feeling like a cheat!

It seems I have a roving eye (as do most men) and cannot stick for too long with one woman...sorry project (wishful thinking),. Empire of the Dead looks good as do the new Osprey Rules

I am still making masters for a few buildings to cram on a 2 foot square board. In the meantime I have an almost full modern African town...just saving to buy some technicals and more figures. I will post a pic of my township shortly....

Today I began looking for a game I could play with my son, Bloodbowl or Space Hulk or Space Crusade-have you seen the prices!!!! Oh Lordy, will stick to the (relativley) inexpensive miniatures.

Thanks for looking.

By the way I will be damned if I know where the pony and Dwarves and the pony came from but my son and I watched "The Hobbit" so Dwarves are now cool.

Monday, 18 March 2013

28mm Perry Gunmen!


its been a week or two since my last post, life has got a habit of interrupting my hobby! Anyway the first Burgundians have been painted and based, only 6 I am afraid but the horde of pike men await me all undercoated ready...

I will commit to the Victorian era soon I just do not know which rulest?  Empire of the Dead or the soon to be released Osprey set....? Any thoughts chaps? Oh and the other basic requirement of Victorian buildings, I have a few masters but I am undecided....I may go back to foam card as I have an idea for window frames....this is a consuming hobby!

Thanks for looking.