Friday, 31 July 2015

Repainting Genestealers...and War Hammer 40 000 1993 version.


Having played a few games of Space Hulk with my son I thought that I would try to repaint some of the monsters that came with the Ebay purchased games. The original figures were probably painted back in the 90's and as such were probably normal for the day but just don't seem right now. (Someone will probably be saying the same in 2035?).

Anyway I tried to strip the paint using Dettol and it simply did not work so they got a respray of matt white car undercoat and a quick paint, wash and highlight. These are old figures but they still look menacing!

So 3 down and 27 to go! These will be kept in my figure cabinet alongside the Space Marines-it is odd but I have a growing collection of Games Workshop figures but I have never played War Hammer or 40K. The Age of Sigmar may change all that because despite terrible reviews from GW fans I think it sounds interesting.

The last creepy pic is being saved as a treat once I have painted 10 of it's lesser team mates. Thanks for looking I will be off now to read a very old copy of War Hammer 40 000 from actually looks like a good set of rules.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Zinge Industries and Space Hulk Game

Hi Chaps,

Its been a busy weekend so far on the gaming front. Space Hulk is a great game and my son and I love playing it...even though our first game of the Season (ie the summer holidays) was a shocker. The dice gods frowned on the marines as they constantly missed and the first time they opened fire it was a jam!

The plan is to paint up the Genestealers and some new marines....I find the marines impossible to get right but playing with old unpainted models makes my bits shrink.

It seems I am amassing figures to paint for that rainy day...I am pretty sure that other gamers do this as well so on the bell curve of normal I am in the middle. Just one more Hanomag and some artillery and I will have a Rapid fire Brigade.

I feel I must mention a great company that has opened in the next town to me. Zinge industries produce some excellent bits for the wargamer. Others may be aware of them but until recently I had never come across them, their catalogue (online) is just full of stuff that you know will be useful.

Have a good summer and keep posting! In the early hours I read about what other gamers are doing and its a great positive way to start the day.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer Holidays

Hi Chaps,

It is the summer holidays at last and my son and I have dragged out the old sets of Space Hulk that we bought and played last year. We used our own figures last time we played but on inspection we will try to renovate the ancient figures from the box this time.

The metals will have the old paint removed using nail varnish remover and the plastics will just get a respray.

I never got into the 40K thing so I have no idea what the Marines should appear like but I will attempt to follow this guys painting video on youtube for the monsters....

There are some amazingly talented people out there, this chaps videos are remarkable, up there with james Wappel.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Wife arrives safe.

Hi Chaps,

Well it has been a strange July. I was married in March but my wife's visa did not kick in until July 1st....Oijai arrived safely and is adjusting to life here in sunny Lancashire. This has obviously had an impact on my hobby activities but things are gradually forming a routine and a building has been completed and a few models are on has turned a corner.

The building was made quickly and the rear is very plain with just a couple of doors and windows, two more are in the early stages of production. The eagle eyed will have noticed that the gun (Putilov 76mm) and crew are WW1 era but I am on a budget and they have been drafted into my WW2 Russian army. I have four of these based ready for an undercoat and a couple of items I won off ebay on the way so there will be no shortage of toys to paint-only a shortage of time!

Thanks for looking.