Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What next for the painting and gaming table?

January has been a productive month for me and I am pleased with the models completed but for February I would like to try something different. Being a solo gamer the skirmish game is almost the only type of game I can afford to play in 28mm. It would be nice to actually give myself a promotion and go for a larger game where I can throw battalions around instead of squads...

Last year I tried to paint 20mm figures, I loved the cost of these little dudes but I am afraid that my painting and basing of these models was pants. I grew up on Donald Featherstone books and in Particulsr "Operation Warboard" by Gavin Lyall. This little book got so much use that it literally fell apart in my hands!! I believe it to be very similar to "Rapid Fire" a set which I also greatly admire. Did anyone else use Mr Lyalls book?

Painting of 20mm figures can be effective...see here...


Amazing work...it almost made me start planning a "Black Powder" army in this scale! I have just a few days to decide what to paint, happy times, and with my new white undercoat system in development who knows what may happen?

I do hope that you Chaps face the same "problems" that I do in my hobby, I think it is all part of the enjoyment!

January totals.

18X28mm Figures
Scratchbuild of 4 housing blocks
2X28mm Landrovers

Good luck for February!

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Assault Group moves into town!

Hi All,

just completed my 28mm Assualt Group militia so I thought I would become a miniature war correspondent for an hour, the houses are scratch built...a little small for 28mm but that was to save on space.

To give the feel of a larger town I will make a few more buildings in time. For February I feel the need for a change! Unfortunatley being the poorest person I know my choices will be limited...plastics probably.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


I have spent the last two days floating around the blogosphere looking for inspiration for a campaign that will take me through 2013 and give my hobby a focus that it is so sadly lacking at the moment. This is the curse of the solo gamer, attempting to collect and paint two opposing forces takes the willpower of a Tibetan master!

During mt wanderings (bards will make poems of my epic blog hopping) I came across two outstanding blogs which are just amazing. It is possible that everyone has visited them already and that I am the last man on the planet to discover them, if not please give them a click.



Last year I was impressed by 20mm and Hat in particular but I am really struggling to paint this scale-it is just  age I suppose, even in 28mm I use a magnifying glass! The detail on the 15mm (?) tanks are astounding, drives home how poor my eyesight is and how much I need to improve my painting!

Have a good weekend everybody!

Friday, 25 January 2013

28mm Figure painting pics

I started to reorganise my desk today and came across several figures that had been painted but put to one side. Indeed my desk is akin to a miniature zoo with 5 wolves, bats and rats that I have only a vague recollection of painting. Old age?

The Officer and the lady are from a game...possibly Cleudo and painted up OK, the pictures are poor because of the bad lighting here today-it is snowing outside-humbug-I have to trudge to collect my son from school...

This year I intend to campaign in the hope that this will make me paint on a regular basis, collect my figures in a more rational manner and have some fun playing games with my son! One of the most enjoyable aspects of solo gaming is the campaign diary...though I have only ever completed one (and that was over 20 years ago) this still holds a fascination for me. I may follow the progress of this project on this site or start a new blog...?

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thank you all...30 000 visitors

A big thank you to everyone who has visited or especially if you left a comment! At times contact with the outside world has been a life saver for me and has helped me to keep what sanity I possess. Looking through everyone else's blogs is very inspiring and I do find some excellent work which I usually copy!

So a milestone is reached, thanks again. Now did any one read "Running a war games campaign" by Rick Priestley in Wargames Illustrated? I have the first part but not the second (doh missed the mag that month or more likely I was broke). Anyway has it appeared online? Is it worth ordering a back copy of the magazine to read it? I feel a campaign coming on-preparing for a campaign as a solo player is a great task as it makes me paint figures and make terrain... Thanks in advance for any information supplied.

Keep blogging Chaps I need to steal your ideas! Sorry I mean gain inspiration from your work!

This is one of HM finest...do not worry given his range performance he will miss.

The Assault Group update

Thought I would post an update on my modern figures. The Assault Group sculpts are so easy to paint-I have been enjoying painting these tremendously...I would urge anyone to buy from this company as the service is first class.

Today was the first day of sunshine in weeks so I popped into the garden to take some snaps...the neighbours already think that I am odd so I do not care!
Why is it that I rarely ever think that an army is complete? Are you chaps the same? Just when I think that I'm done another must have unit springs to mind!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WIP Security Advisor...

These are a few snapshots of today's painting efforts, I just realised that I am a very slow painter! Even with the simplest of paint jobs my total today is just 5X28 mm figures...I hope it is simply because I am out of practice?

These are two rather serious looking characters who will be working the circuit of my war games table! In time they will be joined by more from the Assault Group and maybe Copplestone's. Its odd but I am getting the painting mood back which has been absent for round 12 months...plastic WW2...must resist!

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Angry Luker's List

I couldn't resist this after reading this on a prominent war gamer's blog. As much an exercise in pop psychology as fun! It also may show some idiosyncracies that we share as men/war gamer's ?

1. Favourite War gaming period and why?
Modern period because I have a small grasp of what is happening and what the tactics should be...plus its cheap as it can be gamed without tanks!

2.Next period, money no object?
Back of Beyond in 28mm. As it should be played with cavalry sweeping around the flanks and whole towns under siege...will the Copplestones ever cover this in plastic...please.

3.Favourite films?
Easy Apocolypse Now-each year I book a day to get drunk and watch this...since my wife died I haven't actually done this...but it still is the best film. Also Platoon.

4.Favourite TV series?
I do not watch TV except for "The Big Bang Theory" because my son loves it...can "Time team" be in this?

5.Favourite Book/Author?
Heart of Darkness....Joseph Conrad....my son is named Conrad in honour of this epic. I travelled up the Mekong and met my sons mother! (The horror....only kidding best years of my life).

6. Greatest General?
Colonel David H Hackworth, his book "About Face" is well worth a read...some of you may detect a pattern here which I had not realised myself! (Thanks Mr Lurker).

7.Favourite Wargames Rules?
"At Close Quarters" 2nd edition. I have the first edition at home in Thailand but it seems a bit extreme to go and get them for a read! Anything Chris Peers Writes is first class.

8.Favourite Sport and Team?
Difficult one, Liverpool FC...

9.If you had a use only once time machine when and where would you go?
Well I have plenty of personal reasons to alter time for the benefit of my loved ones but I think I would have to visit Alexander the Great. No noble reason, just to see his court, get friendly with some of Roxanne's mates...drink wine...you understand.

10.Last meal on death row?
Ha ha well this has cropped up before! Chicken Tikka Massala with 12 pints of lager...I would go a happy man.

11.Fantasy Relationship and why?
This is so easy I have been in this fantasy relationship with Minka for over a decade...no need to explain why I think! (Oh God the girlfriend might see this!...Lurker you swine!).

12.If your life were a movie who would play you?
Ross Kemp.(except I am much better looking...ahem).

13.Favourite comic book hero?
Never bought comic books as a kid because no one sold them in the area where I lived..."Wonder Woman" came on TV as I reached my teenage years...Linda Carter....

14.Favourite Military Quote?
My Regiments unnoficial battle cry was "Oh s### we are all going to die"...this has to be it.

15.Historical destination to visit?
I would like to see Fallujah on a battlefield tour when we can all laugh about crappy recent events....may have to wait half a century or more.

16. Biggest war gaming regret?
Bloody World War Two. Would like to try it in 28mm...as if 6mm, 15mm amd bloody 20mm were not enough...so much money wasted on so little enjoyment.

17.Favourite Fantasy Job?
Booty call for Venus Williams.OK Serena as well.

18.Favourite Song?
The Doors "The End"

19.Favourite War gaming Moment?
Oh yes! In a game of AK47 my professionals holed up in a building and fought off militia from everywhere with no casualties...dont' be militia in AK47!

20.Miserable Git question-what upsets me?
So much! People who tell lies, top of list. People with a lack of self awareness...OK people in general. Thats why I game solo! Only kidding...

Thank for this Mr Lurker, I hope I am not single after my girlfriend reads it. I would now extend the challenge to other war gamers out there to answer these questions for their own self enlightenment and our amusement!

Painting Assault Group African Militia WIP


just an update on the militia which arrived earlier this week I have undercoated them in white which is the first time I have done this. At first I thought that this may be a mistake but the figures are slowly turning out OK, it is certainly a learning curve and a delicate adventure of sorts!

I will take some better pics when they are all complete but already I have an order planned for nest Tuesday...having had time out from painting due to the pressures of life I am finding this very enjoyable, indeed I had forgotten just how good this all is!

On a side note please ignore my painting table...oh the shame...

Monday, 21 January 2013

Please watch this!


just wet my shorts laughing at this...what brilliance!!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Terrain Ideas


I have been looking at some old pics I took whilst in Asia and thought that it may help some of you chaps who are making Asian or indeed African buildings...pretty much identical in their design.

The check point was manned at night by armed locals...and I very nearly came to grief trying to drive past it, one of the locals recognised my wife...I just wish he had recognised her two minutes earlier as things were starting to get out of control! Happy days.

Asian electrics are a constant source of wonder for me and I took many pictures of the wires that dangle down everywhere, if you go to Asia keep away from them as when it rains they are lethal even zapping the locals who are aware of the hazard.

i have been building again and now my board is ready for the larger buildings and the market which is proving to be the trickiest part. Also the TAG order arrived....a week of painting looms and I can hardly wait.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Airfix 1/48 British Infantry?


does anyone know anything about these chaps?


Do they fit in with our wargaming 28mm? If they do i am in wargaming heaven....Any reviews yet?


28mm Vehicles

Hi Chaps,

Just spent a long time with a coffee gazing/reading/making notes from this very talented mans blog:


28mm vehicles are no longer scary! I just need some scale drawings and I am off! Maybe a future project? The photos of his scratch building are a really useful way of picking up the techniques used, also a good read in general.

Have a good day! Keep blogging!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Land Rover Update


since I have a new toy to play with I thought I would share the pictures... In addition to the Land Rover I thought I would show a few pictures of my African/Middle Eastern houses, these models will be complete when I can find some adverts to plaster all over them. As you can see the models start life in a very strange way but end up OK for the table eventually.

As I play solo (and I am also a solo parent) whatever I make or buy has to be cheap, hence the toy cars and plywood bases...I dream of MDF! The only part of this hobby which would make no sense to skimp on would be the figures. Painting gives me and I am sure the vast majority of other gamers the greatest pleasure so I indulge and buy the best I can afford. Unfortunatley this means I no longer buy Wargames Foundry!!

The Assault Group 28mm Africans


Last night I ordered some Modern African figures from The Assault Group...hopefully they should arrive later this week...also as it is my birthday I bought myself a new camera! Just playing around with it makes me realise that I staggered on with my old Fuji for a little too long...so many features-and so cheap!

Happy days...off to drink beer! Sorry about the pics taken very quickly!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Work in Progress


It seems that Corgi produced a lot of vehicles which may now be useful for the tabletop gamer. Modern "normal" games can still make use of models which ceased production years ago because in some parts of the world cars are kept on the road for much longer than here in the UK. For the picky gamer who wants more up to date models toy cars made in China are available in pound shops up and down the land!

To strip the paint off the models I dismantle the care by drilling out the rivets on the bottom, a fairly simple job...the base plate is simply glued back on when your done, don't worry about putting new rivets in. The shell is put in a plastic container and covered with boiling water and soda crystals added. Simply give it a minute or two and take the shell out using pliers.

I would like to show you the completed vehicle but alas the camera...I will have a new one next week and will post some pics of my land rover fleet. A passable model for 50p at a car boot sale! Good luck hunting for these and other models, I don't put the interiors back in but they could be sprayed black and painted if you wanted that level of detail.

It would be nice to see if any one else has done this and what models they have used, I am currently searching for VW campers and Beetle cars...are there any 1/48th scale Humvee's out there?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Damn camera!

Hi Chaps,

had time to check out my camera...I have shredded the plastic gears which open the zoom lens...new camera to be bought. Keeping this unplanned expense in mind I am watching the pennies even more than usual, instead of buying "At close quarters" would anyone like to swap a copy for a very good copy of Rapid Fire second edition. I am after the second edition of Close Quarters....this may save me some funds to replace said camera...

Earlier this week I bought a fancy table light from Asda and although I haven't painted a miniature yet I have been throwing up some houses. I am hoping they will be useful for Asian, Africa and the Middle East. I am definatley new to the miniature building trade but practice is helping me improve with each model. So far I have four almost ready and at least two more on the way....typical...I have something to take a picture of but no camera.

keep blogging chaps it fills my empty nights!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Land Rovers 1/48th scale...

Hi All,

I will begin painting and re assembling a couple of Land Rovers tonight....the Corgi owners club will have a price on my head by the end of next week! These two models cost a pound or two each, it may be worth noting next time you go to a charity shop that these models are virtually spot on for 28mm figures being 1/48 scale. If you are lucky wagons and non combatant type vehicles can fill your table for less than a fiver...

The models are easy to pull apart, usually just a rivet to drill out at each end of the base plate, I then stripped the paint off using caustic soda. This model is at the undercoat stage...sorry about the pic (camera not working).

Thanks for looking!

Which are the best 28mm Moderns?

Hi Chaps,

Probably not the best scale for this period but my son already has 28mm zombies...please could you recommend a decent range of 28mm modern figures? I used to buy Britannia but I have never ordered from the new owner....they did a technical which could have many uses!

I like the look of Elhiem but I cannot face making buildings in 20mmm, TAG are amazing but at £6.50 for four.... Has anyone tried Irregular? I like this manufacturer but at 90p per figure it may be worth paying a little more to get the quality.

I believe that Wargames Factory will be releasing some "survivor" types which will be interesting! Your responses will be much appreciated and I will use your opinions before I buy.

Thanks in advance!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hi All,

hope that your gaming and modelling is going well? My camera expired today...I cannot complain, it has given me 6 years good service and I think I shredded the gears which drove the zoom by putting it in my pocket too quickly....oh well.

Anyway as I cannot post the pics of my Victorian terraced houses I was looking for the next best thing. I worked in Asia a few years ago and took some pictures that I thought I could use as reference material at a later date...maybe it could be of use to others as well? For the record this is Vientienne in Laos.

This place is a wargamers dream as every bodge known to man has been done...you simply cannot get this wrong. The picture of the road is a major highway...far dustier than thailand or Vietnam-I have no idea why.Now I just need to know how to scratch build huge sky dishes and radio antenna!

Happy gaming...will provide some pics from Iraq if I can find them.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all

Hope you had a good holiday? Things here in the frozen (OK wet) wastes of Cumbria are starting once again. A friend just popped by to show me his 28mm English civil war plastics which are amazing....he also lent me a copy of the rulebook (Black Powder type of thing) but i have not had chance to look at it yet.

I may plop some 15mm AK47 figures on ebay later this week to fund the purchase of some modern 28mm (its an age thing I cant see 15mm!). In the meantime I have been butchering some Corgi Land Rovers to repaint them in drab green.

Bought at a car boot last year these models are 1/48th scale I think so a little large but if your figure is on a base no one will notice. The mud was free! I have kept the windows clear but maybe I should have sprayed them black as well? What would you chaps do?

Anyway my brick buildings are almost complete and I have started a few more for practice only. When things are more settled I would like to complete a full board, if you need inspiration for anything modern or sci fi I recommend "Black Ops 2"...my son plays it all the time and I sit sketching the buildings.

Have a good New Year.