Sunday, 11 June 2017

Transport Models Preston

Hi Chaps,

This weekend has gone quickly but it has been a bit of a delight on the hobby front. My local model shop, Transport models of Preston are having a sale with 25%  off everything. Naturally I was impressed and bought the beginnings of a Sigmar Bretonnioan army in the form of two Fireforge boxes of European medieval types.

Previously I have put together hundreds of plastic 28mm and 20mm figures but for some reason these little b#####ds just did not co operate. The fault is all could have been my cheap superglue or just my poor performance but assembling these 36 figures took longer and was much more frustrating than I imagined. Parts flew off never to be seen again and the glue refused to join anything other than my own flesh and then it was to everything!

Oh well there are lessons to be learned from todays experience but I have not processed what just yet. I did buy a spray tin of Humbrol German red brown to undercoat with so this is my first experiment with anything other than black or white.

The last hobby problem I face is a strange one! My cabinets are full! What to do? I certainly wont be purchasing any cabinets soon as they tend to be expensive so it is either storage or ebay for the less used/loved I just need Fireforge to release the promised Bretonnian mounted knights and this army (with a few bits I already have) will be complete.

I do hope you have all had a good weekend? If you have any tips on building a gaming PC I would appreciate it as I am trying to get one for my son but my kidney money went to Games Workshop already!

Keep blogging guys I need your adventures to read whilst at work.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A few figures painted

Hi Chaps and Chappess's

What a sad few weeks this has been with religiously inspired nutters going on murder sprees up and down my beautiful country. I do hope the politicians start to confront this before the people take matters into their own hands. As for the families and victims words cannot convey the injustice that they have suffered, I am sure that we all grieve with them.

On a lighter note despite work trying it's best to sap all my time and energy I completed a unit of 10 Warlord Germans and a command unit of 3 (which I forgot to photograph). These early war Germans are to compliment the 222 which I completed a couple of weeks ago. The infantry are almost complete but I may scruff them up a little with some more highlights and a dry brush of dust here and there.

As you can guess I am struggling to crop my pics but this will be addressed soon...I had to rely on my sons i phone to take these! Only 10 more infantry and maybe a mortar to complete this as a small Bolt Action force and then onto Russians or French.

I recently have had a lull in my enthusiasm for the hobby, maybe this is the warm weather or just lack of time but I know that this is only a brief thing as it has happened before. Does it ever happen to you Chaps/Ladies out there? Even a trip to my new "Warhammer" shop in Preston did not lift my spirits though I did buy 3 new paints which brings my paint collection total up to 120 (why?). Whilst in there I did notice that the Start Collecting boxes seemed like really good value...£50 for a vehicle and infantry with support is almost reasonable!?

Keep blogging Chaps I read you at night!

Friday, 19 May 2017

First 28mm Vehicle Kit.

Hi Chaps,

This was a week to forget so I bought a little treat in the form of an Sdkfz 222. I always liked this vehicle and as a child I treasured my Matchbox 1/76 version for many years (where did that go?). Anyway I have never built a kit bigger than 20mm scale so when I saw this monster sized version for less than £10 I thought that I would give it a go.

Possibly this is an old Tamiya model but I cannot be sure....what I do know is that some of the lugs did not seem to fit or be in the right spot to take the front mudguards. Obviously I am no model maker but this kit seemed odd to make. The wheels are a weak point and I will have to base the model to protect it but other than that it looks OK.

At some point I will add stowage and a few helmets/jerry cans to give a lived in look but overall I am happy with how it turned out. Indeed this has been a great distraction and a welcome change from Empire figures.

As every war gamer knows this is how new armies start and next payday may well see an order to Warlord Games for just a few more figures.....and then Plastic soldier company for their excellent value Russian box. I am so used to this process now that I don't even bother to fight it...

Keep blogging guys.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Another friend gone

Hi People,

Blogs about miniature war games are not meant to be sad places but on Monday I lost my best friend.

A memo has been sent out to my remaining friends to stay alive because this is the second friend that I have lost this year.

As you can imagine not much painting was done. Just the usual visits to relatives, platitudes and sorrowful moments. Anyway please have a look at the pictures of my mate who had just had enough. Mental health is a real issue here in the UK.

The first six pictures are of my great friend Lee who was best man at my wedding and a superb friend to myself and my children.

The last two pics are of Calvert, a gentleman, a friend and an unstoppable force of nature. I really thought that these guys were immortal.

So. Sorry for the downer. Mental health is a real issue and please just savour every day it really is a gift.

Keep blogging people, my next post will contain hobby stuff I promise.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Dwarves. This week has been about Dwarves.

Hi Chaps,

How was your week? I hope you all had it swimmingly easy as I am now having to relearn the art of making the most of ones time. If I rise at 6AM I can grab 30 or 40 minutes of silence at my painting table....the bliss of it. How do you Chaps or Chappes's fit your painting time into your week?

Using little nibblets of time to paint in is a new phenomenon for me and the techniques needed to complete a unit are rather novel as well. Monday and Tuesday usually see the base coats completed and by Thursday I can see the figures looking a lot tidier than before which spurs me onto completing the unit. Since restarting work I have only painted Games Workshop figures which tend to need a lot of attention so it would be interesting to see how this method would work on simpler figures.

Below are a unit of 10 Dwarves that got paint thrown at them this last couple of weeks (5 figures a week which is so slow...)...

The bases are under construction for the last 5, it is just a time availability thing that has slowed my painting to a Dwarf's pace. I do have a miniature plastic mountain to choose from so this next week will see yet more short guys on the desk...

All the models here were second hand from ebay and cost a lot less than 50P per figure so I can paint them and base them without worrying if they are ruined or are "game legal" to use jargon picked up on the Dakka forum which is an excellent read by the way.

Lastly is a work in progress-a standard bearer for my Empire troops...I really need to either buy some late medieval banners or develop a way of doing these better as I need a few more....

Keep blogging everyone it makes me happy to see your work and I get to use some of your great ideas.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Too many Paints and Old Style Dwarves

Hi Chaps and non Chaps,

Work has been intense this week so I only managed to paint a handful of models which as you could guess are older Games Workshop products bought cheaply on ebay. I have no idea about the lore regarding Dwarves, Elves or anything else that GW produces-my "background" info comes from The Hobbit so I may be missing a lot of detail!

The figures are almost complete but I will give them another pass over tomorrow to eradicate any glaring errors, after all these are rank and file guys and not characters...

It was a refreshing change to work on something other than Empire-these guys were really cheap off the internet and are now the beginnings of yet another army. I am not complaining but I do need to get a couple of new shelves

Earlier today I visited GW Preston to buy some bone coloured paint. Needless to say I bought 6 lots of paint but not Ushabti Bone or whatever it is called now as I forgot.

On arriving back home I had a look at my paints and I seem to be collecting more paints than figures

Vallejo/Others paints =35
Vallejo/other washes  =8
Citadel washes =9
Citadel special paint= 5
Citadel paint=58
Other paint = 2

The reason I mention this is that the 6 paints I bought today cost £17..OK I am old but bloody hell £17. This hobby can seem a little expensive especially if like myself you are on a bit of  budget.

Keep blogging people, I love reading your stuff.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Greenstuff World, Ebay and old GW figures

Hi Chaps,

It is a lovely sunny day here and all is well with the world (well my part of it), I do hope all you chaps are feeling just as zen?

Anyway this morning I took a few snaps of this weeks early morning painting sessions, I have ordered another lamp and some different colour backgrounds in an attempt to improve my photo quality...we shall see.

Mostly I have been painting older GW figures for my Empire army but an order from the Perry twins arrived so now my General/Warlord has a bear to make himself look even more impressive when I finally buy him.

This pack came with horn blowers who will be handy to flesh out the three units that I currently have completed.

This is another older figure that I managed to win on ebay...I do remember looking at him back in the day he was new and thinking wow how expensive! I probably paid the same amount for him second hand though!

Above are the latest motley crew of second hand figures that required either stripping, repairing or just altering to make servicable. In the end they I think they will be OK for line troops but I will try to purchase unpainted figures in future.

Perry twins Siss musicians are about right height wise but look a little slender-I will just have to tell myself they are younger troops or just effeminate. Price wise the Perry twins are great value even more so if you buy plastic-the plastic heavy cavalry is on my list for this army. The list for this army is actually quite large and I have many wants including figures from Artizan, Gamezone and Foundry.

Today I ordered the Generals Handbook but almost forget to mention my favourite little purchase in a long time...Greenstuff Worlds leaf punch!

This little punch could be sold in meditation centres all over the world. Just insert a fallen leaf, press the button and 4 perfect little miniature leaves get pressed out of the machine....different coloured leaves add to the variety....leaves are free! Now my bases get a little extra attention for nearly no cost....treat yourself to one of these if you like your bases to be full of character or you just need to relax.

Keep blogging Chaps (and our lady Chap sisters) you keep me going.