Thursday, 25 August 2016

Pizza (base) Hut.

Hi Chaps,

A few hours yesterday were spent cutting and scribing some extruded styrene into the shape of a cabin. Household tester pots provided colour and the base was a random piece of mdf. In all this item just cost me the time to make it...maybe pennies.

So now my 28mm adventurers have a cabin to call home! This was fun and proves that if we war gamers try our hobby is cheap.

Sorry about the photo quality, today it has decided to be autumnal and is duller outside than inside? I did manage to put one of the two sides to this building in upside down making one window lower than the other but I rolled with it as it adds to the randomness and well, you can't really tell.

The last pic below was taken during the bases rule!

Keep blogging Chaps!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Old Games Workshop Goblins

Hi Chaps,

Well it is a very unBritish 28 degrees here so forgive me for writing this in shorts whilst sipping french Lager with ice (times are hard).

Despite the inclement weather some painting has been done on some rather forgotten little figures. These little chaps came in a boxed set from over 10 years ago and painted by my eldest. So, a repaint and I have a unit of Goblins which of course I have absolutely no need for.

The shields are a work in progress though I may just leave them alone.... as I was painting this gaggle of Goblins I also finished a barricade for my Bretonnian archers, there is a second waiting paint and two more waiting to be built.

On the rules front I have been reading about the new Congo set with interest and also the Men Who Would be Kings. Exciting times as my Zombie project has come to an end. Over 100 figures and 6 vehicles painted and based. Before I pack them away for the house move I may attempt to photograph them all as proof of a project complete.

So, what to do next? I cannot go on repainting old Games Workshop figures forever (though I have just bought some more). All this heat is pointing me towards the Congo-lots of cheap plastic animals to be had and some interesting terrain could be made.....

Keep blogging Chaps.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Reclaimed Figures, almost complete.

Hi Chaps,

This weekend will see the end of my Ebay Elves which are now mostly repainted. These figures had lost a lot of detail because of the layers of paint...or possibly there was another cause?

A couple of the figures had air bubbles in them which I have never seen on a plastic figure....also the spears seemed a little bendy. As these guys already had a coat or two of paint on them and were securely glued onto their bases it was impossible to tell if they were actually resin or plastic.

Whatever they were made of they are now painted and I have the basis of three units should I stumble upon anymore of these fine figures. I will not be rushing out to create an army but they were fun in their own special way-maybe I will be avoiding previously painted figures in future.........unless they are cheap like these!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Old Games Workshop Figures bought cheaply

Hi Chaps,

The current run on my household pound continues so I have had to get creative and expand my horizons-or is that lose some of my prejudices? At one time (which lasted more than a quarter of a century!) I would never have considered a fantasy game, although I did try D+D. Then we got Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant and I learned to relax a bit. (If this goes on I will be a tree hugging hippie in 150 years or so).

Anyway as I like painting but have very little disposable income I searched for fantasy figures and found some 4th or 5th edition Elves. It turns out that these are great sculpts but unfortunately they seem to have been painted more than once and then undercoated again. As I was a "real" wargamer I missed these the first time around and how I regret that missed opportunity! Did you know that a "bad" elf army has dudes riding dinosaurs!?

Here are a few pics of the Elves as they were painted, they are currently awaiting their bases being completed-the command will be undercoated tomorrow and hopefully join the oddball rank and file. The figures cost 40P this rate I will have an army to fight my Templars in a few weeks and they may just scrape passable in my cabinet.

The Goblins have been in a drawer for around forever and they seem to have painted up OK, there are lots of them, (did they breed?). The units are small but can be expanded now at my leisure though I am definitely going to purchase some witches and the cool dino riders who may well get some female heads just to add to the craziness.

Take a bow Games Workshop, I will use Age of Sigmar rules and war scrolls to get stats for the elves-thank goodness the codex thing is dead. I do hope that 40K gets the Sigmar treatment next-it means that I could afford to play it.

Sorry about the long post, keep blogging Chaps!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Reaper Miniatures Mage

Hi Chaps,

Another early start before dawn saw this little guy finished off, I have to say that he was really irritating to paint as there was too much detail. Reaper miniatures (I buy mine off ebay UK) are a really good source of figures for the financially challenged such as myself,

So now I have some sort of magician, possibly for Frostgrave (never played it yet though the rules are seem very good) or maybe Sigmar....

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 15 August 2016

A Horus Boss

Hi Chaps,

I had some free time this morning and finished this figure which has been lurking on my desk for months. I have no idea who or what he does-he is from the Betrayal at Calth set that my eldest kindly bought me. There are enough figures on my shelves for an army now....I just need a walkthrough of the rules to start playing 40K. I have several rulesets dating back to the 80s but have always been put off playing against others because I am not paying for codex X,Y and Z just to know what my opponent can do!

Time GW took 40K down the Age of Sigmar route I think.

There are 10 more marines on their sprues waiting to be assembled to be honest I can't look them in their little plastic lenses just yet. I have been hunting for plastic Bretonnians on ebay but I would have to sell a body part to afford some of them....rarity really does seem to be driving the prices of these figures.

Keep blogging Chaps!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mounted Serjeants

As you can see the last six figures of my recently acquired medieval s are almost complete. This little side project crept up on me so it is back to saving my meagre sheckles for a boxed set from GW. With 30 infantry and 6 cavalry painted and based I still need another 12 cavalry to complete a Lion Rampant crusader army so it will be a while before that purchase is made.

To be going on with I have 16 Israeli infantry to paint in 20mm and a few bad guys. Possibly more middle east modern terrain will be made but the internet and its wonderful photo's of amazing figures is proving a huge distraction.

Keep blogging Chaps and keep sharing your hints and tips I literally feed off them!