Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bases are fun!

Hi Chaps,

Despite my mistake of gluing the figures intended for these bases to their ordinary plastic bases I still enjoyed this project. Whilst this sort of base may be of limited use for historical types for skirmish fantasy or sci fi it has its place.

The technique is not difficult, cheap air drying modelling clay was used to make a few 3 or 4mm thick "plates"-use a glass or rolling pin to flatten it out....don't worry about it being uneven. When dry it was broken into pieces that were stacked up on each other in the most random way possible, glue it all together using Bostik type glue.

Next I scored in patterns of bricks and stone slabs, the lines need to be a bit deeper and wider than you would at first think or they just dont show up.

Paint was matt black undercoat followed by greys being worked lighter with bone colour paint. The whole flat surface was was washed with Waywatcher Green which gave a nice worn look.

This was an experiment and maybe the bases should have a more unified look as I was hoping to base a unit of 12 Haradrim (?) on them?

Thanks for looking Guys, keep blogging it's where I nick these ideas from (James Wappel take a bow).

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Plastic Fellowship arrives...most of it

Hi Chaps,

Well today was a good day. Everyone healthy and happy and as a bonus the Fellowship popped over! Unfortunately Legolas is minus half his bow and either Merry or Pippin was snapped at the knees (I know how that feels!) but he got fixed.

The casting seems very good and I can hardly wait to slap some paint on them. The small bases with clay "rocks" or flooring on them were meant for a couple of the heroes...but I am an idiot and forgot about them and glued my chaps in place on ordinary bases-that's what drinking beer for years does to your sober mind!

So...the rocky bases will be used on some more plastics that should arrive this week....Legolas will have to be bought again (no big loss as this pose is bland) and I have plenty to paint for not much money. Not a bad hobby if one is careful it does not cost too much either.

Keep blogging Chaps all my ideas come from you!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Buying Lord of the Rings....15 years late!

Hi Chaps,

It was only a rare occasion that I would walk into a Games Workshop store (usually Preston Lancs) and then only to buy paints or brushes. I did my best to avoid the loud crowds of hygienically challenged youths that seemed to gather in there on Saturdays and so it seems I missed out on some nice figure sets....but never mind ebay has come to the rescue.

My eldest son did enjoy painting and playing the Lord of the Rings games but other than watch the films I was too busy with "real" wargaming to bother with it at all. This it turns out was a serious mistake! The figures are lovely and easy to paint and the scenery is useful and cheap-if you can be patient when bidding on "that" site.

Borimir and Frodo here were both 99p delivered and the tomb is from my sons collection-it has been stripped and repainted. Basing has yet to be done and I have the Fellowship (plastic version still on sprue) on the way. It goes to show that the wargaming gods do look after skint gamers! Although never planned for Games Workshop are starting to form a little collection of their own in my cabinet, I just need to keep ignoring the shop to keep it cheap!

Keep blogging Chaps.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Games Workshop are back in their groove

Hi Chaps,

As a vague fan of Games Workshop (I love the figures but hate the prices and methods) I have to give them credit for Age of Sigmar. Now it seems that they have gone even further by adding a points system to the game and a narrative type of to download for free!

Obviously the hope is that this will drive figure sales (I am sure that it will not least because I will buy from them) but maybe there is more to this? Possibly someone at GW is actually listening to their customers and we will see some real developments with the gamer/collector in mind rather than the share holder?

Here is a link which explains all this far better than I can....

Without any doubt for me Games Workshop are the best figure manufacturer around (stiff competition from Copplestone though) and the way they actually complete their ranges is an example to the other companies out there. Long live the new Games Workshop!

These guys are on my wish list....just watch me get sued for using this image now that I have given GW praise!

Keep blogging Chaps and let me know what you think of the changes at GW.


I have never felt the need to do this before but please do have a watch of this Youtube video. Wargaming attracts bright minds (it's a fact - we are all bright! ?) but this young man has produced a great video on which he paints well and explains the Will, Might and Fate in the Lord of the Rings ruleset....what a dude!


Friday, 22 April 2016

Space Hulk Genestealer or Tyranid? WIP

Hi Chaps,

I bought Space Hulk for the first time a long long time ago...back then I am sure that the monsters were called Gene stealers? Maybe they are now but things called Tyranids look awfully similar! Anyway the appeal of the game was undoubtedly set in my mind from the film Alien and the betterer film called Aliens (yes I am old). This week it was time to have a go at painting one of these other world monsters....

This is indeed a work in progress as I am looking for a sign to print out and slap on the bare wall..."Danger" or "Air Lock" should do it, just to break up the blankness...I also have some tiny wires to run down the wall and along the floor.

I have no idea what this figure will do except stand alongside his 30 or 40 mates that seem to have been bought on ebay. Most are painted terribly in thick paint with yellow staring eyes but back in the day they would have been cutting edge and looked awesome!

The painting desk (which was the biggest land grab since the annexation of Texas) has extended itself upwards but like most dictators I am not satisfied. A sincere plea for an extension will be submitted to the united nations of wife....but in all reality plans for further expansion are already underway.

Keep blogging and have a good weekend.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

I see red people (OK Space Marines)

Hi Chaps,

I think I am overloaded for the time being regarding Mephiston Red and Space Marines! My son bought me Betrayal at Calth and I somehow acquired Battle for Macragge on ebay for a bargain. This is almost the end result....10 more marines and 6 Terminators to go....and then I will have to learn how to paint blue.

The difference in base size is noticeable but as the units will never mix it is no big problem, I have never played 40K but a game is edging nearer as I just got a mint Space Marines codex off ebay (again) for 99p!

Games Workshop are slowly edging their way into my good books by including the stats in with the  models when you purchase them....making the codex less of an essential. The cost in books was the main reason I by passed 40K but maybe it will be revised-The Age of Sigmar was a revelation to me and it works so who knows?

My recent success on auction sites and the quality of GW boxed sets has me hunting for The Lord of the Rings and The figures on the market especially if one can be patient and acquire them cheap.

Take care, keep painting and blogging Chaps.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

10MM Russian Civil War

Hi Chaps,

I recently purchased my first ever pdf ruleset. It was a landmark moment that confirmed that I am actually participating in the digital age, albeit so that I could print out the rules on good old paper!? The rules in question were from Too Fat Lardies called "Triumph of the Will" and have a couple of interesting mechanisms that should be entertaining. I had never come across this company before but the rules are great and downloaded no fuss.

To go with the rules I needed some figures that could be painted quickly so I decided on Pendraken 10mm and the Russian civil war. Maybe it was me but the figures seemed to take longer than I expected to paint simply because there was more detail than I ever thought could be put on a model only 10mm high!

The bases are numbered so that I can keep a roster for recording casualties, in 10mm this lot cost around £15.00 in 28mm it would have been more like £50.00 and I would still be painting the first company! If only I was rich and immortal though it would be 28mm every time.

This has been an interesting experiment but I cannot say that I enjoyed painting these little men but that is all my fault as I felt outside my comfort zone. Another £15.00 would be enough figures to have a game....but then £30 buys a lot of plastic from fleabay which as a financially challenged gamer is my preferred option

It would be interesting to see what you haps think.

Cheers and keep blogging