Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Painting some Russians

Hi Chaps,

It's seems like a long time since I sat painting but at last over the previous couple of evenings I have been able to use my brushes. Painting must be a degradable skill! Nothing seemed to be in the right place at first and indeed a couple of mistakes in choice of colour where made but eventually everything settled down.

These figures are from the Plastic Soldier Company and are an absolute bargain in 28mm...after all these are only meant to be bullet stoppers for my beloved Germans!? I thoroughly recommend these to anyone looking to build an army on the cheap-if only I could have bought a similar army pack for the Germans.

The impending arrival of Mrs Hendrickson has forced something of a clear out and a couple of projects that I have little enthusiasm for will go onto ebay to clear some space. In Her Majesties Name will feature heavily this year- despite trying to make space I just ordered some more figures...oh well.

Keep blogging Chaps, I feed off your ideas and enthusiasm.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Fighting communists, crazy paint and marraige

Hi Chaps,

Its been a busy few years but now I am hoping that life settles down into a family routine once again.

Whilst in Thailand I came across these vehicles left over from Vietnam's push to destroy the Pathet Laos which spilled over into Thailand....pretty impressive stuff just by the roadside and painted in the maddest possible colours-I asked a guy who worked as a curator and he said the colours were authentic. Good news for modern players! You cant get it wrong.

I was not brave enough to go inside and play with the 50 calibre machine gun in the cupula as my wife is a phlebotomist whop deals with around a dozen snake bites a week....speaking of wgich here is a pic of my wedding. I am amazingly lucky to have met Oijai.

Now back to the hobby...

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Kirkup Report into Furness general Hospital

Hi Chaps,

My posts have tailed off lately because of awful events that happened in July 2008. The government commissioned Bill Kirkup to write a report into the death of my wife and son and write a bloody good one he did!

Anyway this is not war gaming but just an excuse why I have not been posting. Pretty soon I will be back in the "real" world and enjoying our hobby again. It has been a pleasure to follow the updates on what you have all been up to...your all insane and its awesome!

Please don' feel the need to read the articles...but be aware there are bad people everywhere.

Keep gaming!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

28mm Buildings and inspiration from the web...

Happy New Year.

It may seem that there has not been much happening up here in the north but actually I have been busy making a 28mm modern African collection of buildings. Photographs will be posted shortly.... I also ordered from Britannia miniatures who very kindly sent some samples that reflected what I had ordered-an excellent touch so well done that man.

The internet is amazing as I constantly find new websites which inspire me to try new things (war games related I assure you). One such site is run by James Wappel who is probably the best miniature painter on the planet. As well as being talented Mr Wappel kindly does the odd tutorial for the mortals who aspire to paint better...please have a look at this Space marine he has painted below.

The Wappel website lives here...

Keep blogging Chaps as I need to copy your ideas!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Plastic 28mm Saxon Army

Hi Chaps,

Well my girlfriend returned to warmer climes last Friday so I have had a week of painting which I have relished...mostly because Oijai bought me a box of 28mm Wargames Factory Saxons. I was a little unsure about these figures at first as I had previously bought the first Zombie offerings from this company which were just terrible, granted the male survivor box was good but I had never seen the Saxons before.

I needn't have worried, the Saxons have clear detail and other than a few odd poses and weird bows the figures worked well. So well in fact that I ordered some Gripping beast Saxon Thegns which were much easier to put together and a little chunkier which in turn made them easier to paint. I painted these figures 10 at a time and used a wash, this speed painting was easy to do and rather fun. As you can see some tidying needs doing but the overall effect is OK and acceptable when they are on the table.

The figures are based on 60mm frontages and so could be used for DBA (although they are 40mm deep for Spears and 30mm for the Psiloi) Dux Bellorum or preferably Hail Caesar. I have on order a box of plastic Norman cavalry which will be converted to Saxons and also a General figure from Dixons. This again was an accidental army but once I got the bug I wanted to see it completed. A box of Dark Age Warriors from Gripping Beast should see a small army complete for £90...God bless plastic!

As a side note I should add that I use two bases of figures for a normal sized unit, three for a large and just one for a small unit for the Hail Caesar rules. I do hope that Mr Priestly will be cool about my tinkering with the unit sizes but it actually helps my army to fit on a I just need to wait for someone to produce Late Romans in plastic...

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A week off from painting?

Hi Chaps,

I may have to put the brushes down for a week as my girlfriend is over on a rare visit. It will be a pleasure to show her around the North of England's finest historical sites (managed to slide in my interests without her noticing there).

Aside from any freezing cold weather we should be able to get out and about, Nid has travelled with her work as a medical scientist across Asia but I doubt if she has tried anything as exotic as fish and chips, black pudding or stout. 

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Warlord and Crusader Germans

Hi Chaps,

I have had a beano painting my Germans up and they are now finished though obviously I could use a few more units. This week also saw an old Grima Wormtongue get a coat of paint-he is my only LOTR figure, this was a range I was not interested in despite the books and films though my resolve is weakening because of The Hobbit!

I am sorry about the photo quality (or lack of) this is really something I intend to conquer this week and I have begun to make a little "cabinet" to capture the light and put a backdrop in. Udates shortly.

The Germans are Warlord plastics except for the HMG and Mortar who are from crusader as are the resin bases. Thanks for looking and keep blogging as I steal your ideas!