Friday, 22 February 2019

Back from the void.

Hi Chaps,

How many times do you read a blog with the opening line similar to..."its been a long time since my last post"? It happens rather a lot and probably all for very similar reasons... life is just busy. Life has been too busy for myself but I am determined to make some time to update the blog and paint the occasional figure. I apologize for my absence it was almost beyond my control.

I have been painting over the last six months but only on the odd hour here and there. Despite having no time I have completed the Kill Team set from Games Workshop which is an excellent buy-really good value (who would have thought?). Here are a couple of the miners from that set.

As is normal I apologise for the picture quality, my experiments with lighting have led to naught but failure. I will be attempting a different technique shortly involving an i phone.

My Empire Army has grown in size and is now 4 units strong but I am resisting taking pictures for the moment until I have painted my two remaining units and I can provide an army showcase of sorts. The medieval/fantasy theme s still a favourite of mine and I cannot resist buying the odd Reaper miniature now and again because they are cheap and full of character...

Despite not having time to paint I purchased a couple of boxes of Perry Wars of the Roses infantry and Mercenaries. The problem I face is do I base them singly or on multiple bases? Tips would be welcome.

Keep blogging Guys you got me through a crappy 12 months.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Rapid Fire Germans Speed Painted.

Hi Chaps,

Just a quick update on my painting activities which have been severely curtailed by work and other life commitments. Due to such little time to paint but still containing the desire to game I decided to speed paint my Valiant Germans.

It has been an interesting experiment with so far three colours on the figures slapped on with a huge Humbrol size 6 brush... not pretty.

Next stage is a wash of nuln oil and then the flesh will be applied. The final stage will be re touching the uniform and equipment. Hopefully these guys will be useable and give me the starting point of having a British and German force. Already I have a little list of desired vehicles from Frontline and Grubby and of course... more figures!

Next week I will begin a few buildings in 20mm which is a scale that I have never had much success in previously but I do need some houses for the guys to shelter in and fight over.

Keep Blogging.

Monday, 17 September 2018

WarHammer 40K Kill Team starter set arrives.

Hi Chaps,

It would seem that I have turned into a Games Workshop devotee but if I have it came out of nowhere and I can explain...

Games Workshop have been producing models and games that are good value for the money. That right there is a shocker. For most of my adult gaming life I have rarely if ever purchased anything other than paint from them. This year I have bought two boxed sets and the latest one is by far one of the most interesting and complete wargames purchases that I have ever made.

The set cost £75 off Amazon Uk (it is sold out nearly everywhere) and is very good value for money. It comes with a quality gaming board, dice, figures, ruler and an awful lot of scenery and an excellent rulebook and a few manuals etc to help you start playing. Nothing else in miniature wargaming comes close to this.

To add to my enthusiasm for the set the rules are actually intriguing and seem very simple to use, not at all like the 40K mass battle ruleset which I find a confusing mess. Both "teams" are actually human looking-not a tin suit in sight which for me adds to the suspension of disbelief.

It will take a while to paint the figures and even the scenery which are now all assembled and undercoated. Pics will follow if I can actually paint something instead of rolling dice and enjoying myself. The wargaming gods have been against me though as I have worked two weeks straight though I intend a painting frenzy when I finally get a day off.

Keep blogging Chaps and if you get a chance to play this game do have a go.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Games Workshop best figures in the world?

Hi Chaps,

Its been busy at work but I have found time to paint a few figures in a hurried fashion in between life, work, decorating and the usual life hassles. Indeed I have painted some Skaven simply because I have never painted or owned them before...they were fun but I have no idea how they will slot into my fantasy world just yet.

As you can see they are not based yet, indeed these little guys were bought off ebay for a few pounds based on square bases but never painted, another few pounds and I was the proud owner of 50 round plastic bases, bless ebay.

Like everyone else in Britain (seemingly) I bought the Conquest magazine by Games Workshop and scored three paints, a brush and three figures costing £1.99. Absolute bargain-I bought four of the magazines. When I made one of the figures though it became clear that the Space Marines have been on steroids.

I wonder if this is now the size of all Space Marines or just for the Conquest game?

My plan of a free peoples army slogs along as fast as life allows and this is where I am at now. Two infantry units, a cannon and a grudge pony... my army will have Dwarves in it even amongst the men as in my world they get along just enough to do this.

The Grudge Pony is a wonderfully strange model that I have owned since my now 17 year old was about 4 or 5. Took a while to get around to him even for me.

Here are the rest of the lads...

I have to admit that I pretty much ignored Games Workshop for decades due to their pricing and strategy of making you buy codex books but since the release of Sigmar I have been impressed. The release of free rules means I don't mind buying a Generals handbook and the starter sets are actually very good value. I am still painting the first Sigmar set that I bought in January....

Today I went to spend £80 on the Kill Team starter set and..... it was not in stock. Trust me I rarely have £80 to spend on the hobby at any one time and today was going to be a treat. Balls. Oh well I may have to wait a few days to get hold of the starter set which at least does not contain Space Marines which are my least favourite figures they produce. Lets face it GW do produce the best figures in the world, followed so closely by the Perries who would get the title if only their figures were slightly stockier.

I actually did write to the old CEO of GW to voice my opinions and they have followed my advice to the letter (well I like to think so) so just incase they follow this blog please bring back the Bretonians and Empire, release a line of human looking 40K types and for the love of all that is holy adopt a Sigmar style set of rules for 40K which will be free......

So thanks for looking Chaps, sorry about the photo quality (again) and keep blogging it practically keeps me sane at work.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Valiant Rapid Fire Brits

Hi Chaps,

I can attest that being off work is amazing. Decorating is well under way and my British Infantry Battalion is now complete. I do not have a pic of it all together as everything here is upside down due to the decorating but my games table will be out shortly so a Battalion snap will be taken and posted. In the mean time here is the HQ company and a few of the men....

The dullness of the pics is a little disappointing but I am working on it. The figures were speed painted on a white undercoat, a wash of Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted. All the guys have a battalion patch and rank insignia, I suppose they could do with a lighter flesh highlight. From box to tabletop this full Battalion took 8 hours which for me is pretty quick. The Germans may well take a little longer.

The Germans are stuck together and based awaiting a black undercoat. Sadly the Plastic Soldier Company order has not arrived yet so no armoured support for either side is available. A trip to my local hobby shop later today may see some cheapo Zvezda reinforcements or even a few Hat figures purchased.

Next challenge will be a small skirmish.

Keep blogging Chaps.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Rapid Fire 20mm (again)

Hi Chaps,

Well the hot weather continues to put a halt to pretty much all of my painting but to be honest I am not getting much spare time at all at the minute. But.... I have made what for me is a major war gaming investment as a sort of treat to self.

I have purchased the starter deal from the Rapid Fire website and also a box of A9s and Pz38T's from the Plastic soldier company. Hopefully this stuff should arrive in time for my two weeks summer holiday which will be spent decorating, family time and hobby time.

Hopefully Rumford and Marsh won't send the lads around for using their picture! At under £30 this set is a bargain, link below.

I am hoping that I can make the Brits look like early war, likewise with the Germans and if not-well I play solo!

The Plastic Soldier company stuff has been good for me in the past so I am expecting the tanks to be fine. Pretty much for less than £80 inc postage I will have the basis for two decent armies which I can add to when the mood takes me.

I have found that armies of this period are never finished as there is always that extra vehicle needed or command group or field kitchen ... its a long list.

Keep blogging Chaps

Thursday, 26 July 2018

A £7 light box and figures to strip.

Hi Chaps,

I do trust that you are all well? It has been a busy month here, in fact it has gone really quickly and pay day is almost here again. The postman has been busy delivering decrepit old toys to me so that I can have an army that will cost so little but just a little extra in time.

An old cannon (all metal) and crew was had for less than a few beers off an auction site and the cannon has already been re painted. Whilst it will never win any trophies it is a passable piece of equipment for my new/old Empire army.

This pic was taken using a Canon (appropriate) 14.1 mega pixel camera and a very cheap £7 light box from that auction site again. The LED's are almost powerful enough alone but for my next batch of photo's I will help them along with a light pointing inside the box as well.

A unit of 10 muskets on their bases are almost complete and I am about to chose the colour scheme for the first unit of spears. The hot weather is awful for painting-no air con here in the UK-so I spend an hour or two in the evenings just looking at blogs for inspiration (when I can).

The light box is pretty useful and my learning curve continues... as does the base building and pile of figures for stripping. The old master engineer is a favourite of mine and he popped up again in an online purchase.
The Grudge Pony is just too good not to have in an fantasy army and will go well with a unit or two of dwarves fighting for the Empire.

Keep blogging guys, we are fighting the elements at the moment but it will soon be cooler and more painter friendly.