Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A few Pics


It has been a productive month but the weather will not co operate so I have taken a few pictures indoors...sorry about the quality I really must learn how to set up a little photo booth. Anyway the tanks are Armourfast and the err semi naked ladies are from the Blue Moon Dracula set...very Hammer House of Horror!

Artmaster Studios on Youtube are well worth a look at for painting tips, I was going to put in a link but they are easy enough to find. Keep blogging!

Monday, 13 May 2013

I want to join the Thai Army!

I have been painting a lot recently but I have no pics as yet due to poor lighting. My brother in law has sent me a pic of how Thailand runs its forces...

Now I would not mind sharing a few nights in the field with these squaddies! In case my girlfriend sees this...I am sharing this information with military enthusiasts so that we can gain a broader knowledge of weapons and uniforms....

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A project so secret...

Hi Chaps,

Its a good time to be a miniature war gamer with lots of new subjects to delve into and the advent of affordable plastics means that we are all spoiled for choice. Not so good if you rely on mail order and it never seems to arrive-this has stalled my game plans for the Victorian game my son and I wanted to play...oh well.

I still want an easy playable game for my son and I so it is back to trusty (affordable) 20mm. An order placed yesterday should arrive this week for speed painting and a game within 7 days!, but this is only half of the plan. (This plan is so secret I have told myself only half of it!)

For around a decade (I feel so old) I have had an eastern front project in mind, the map is drawn and the campaign rules are written-I even have an old friend ready to deploy the forces so that my son and I can play out the games. Has anyone done anything similar to this? Advice, hints and tips would be useful. I have even considered a seperate blog to chart the progress and publish the mechanisms used to get games onto the table...maybe it will encourage others to give this a try?

Thanks for reading, keep blogging!