Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Buildings and Das...

Hi All,

I have been fiddling around with white Das, its funky stuff that dries in a day or two. As you can see my first efforts have had odd results but I will still make a mold so that I can populate my board with streets of terraced housing. I certainly could'nt afford to buy resin terrain and I have deliberatley kept the frontage small, a shop and a pub are on the way along with two different house designs.

I will complete my house over the weekend and paint it up, hopefully it will be useful for a lot of periods, the very British civil war to pulp games (not that I do either in this scale!). I could put up a tutorial but youtube has some great videos on how to do this...thanks for looking.

I will apologise for the computer finally committed Hari Kiri so I am on an old XP system from my backup computer-does anyone know what programme will allow me to alter a photo?



  1. good so far in my opinion. I do believe I had some, or was it just clay? any way went solid and Now I grind it down for a few things

  2. Looks good so far, can't wait to see it finished

  3. Quality! Never heard of DAS, any more details?

  4. Look forward to seeing the finished item!

  5. Thanks Chaps!
    Das is pretty cool air drying clay, a pack cost me £1.99 and I think I will get a dozen house fronts etc out of up is the molding material. Lets hope I can produce some houses for the pennies I was hoping for? Has anyone else done this? Any tips would be useful!
    Thanks again Chaps its good to have good company again.

  6. Das is by far the best for me i tried alot of air dry and Das works best. no cracking and no shrinking. makes nice looking sandbags.anyways the frontage looks great!

  7. Looks nice - I like the idea of mold making so that you can manufacture your own streets. By the way, if you are looking for a photoshop-like programme I'd recommend GIMP ( It's free, easy to use and in fact I use it to crop and adjust the photos on my blog. The on-line documentation is very good too.

    cheers WW