Friday, 30 November 2012

Cold Snap


I was wondering if painting miniatures is a seasonal hobby? During the summer months I do not seem to paint as often as winter...when the nights close in it certainly feels more acceptable to be sat painting...? Does anyone else alter their hobby pattern with the seasons?

Having little to paint has made me examine my spares box...two plastic Cleudo figures are going to be started this week, an elegant female in evening gown and an officer type..not the usual war gaming figures but I've been off painting all summer for some reason. Bases for my terraced houses have been cut and windows and roofs will be added over the weekend.

My son wants to go shooting over the next couple of days but its so cold! We have over 20 old airguns and its good to give them a run out, no empty cans will be safe in our vicinity. Does anyone else shoot? It seems that these two hobbies have some connection so it would be interesting to see how many war gamers actually shoot or collect?

Thanks Chaps, next time I will post pictures of the completed figures and houses.


  1. I am exactly the opposite with painting. The better light in the summer months means I get more chance to see what I am painting and therefore get more painting done.

  2. I just don't paint enough regardless of the time of year.

  3. Sorry don't shoot. I tend to paint any chance I get. Though with the run up to Xmas prep etc i'm finding less time of late.

  4. Haha... I will try to paint more when I get a permanant painting station set up...I saved a picture of one set up in a small cupboard...war gamers are an inventive lot!

  5. I'm with Clint. The light is so much better in the summer.
    We do have one good electric light for painting but my wife often grabs "poll position" to do her knitting and no where else will do.
    But I too don't paint (or game) enough. Life keeps getting in the way.

    And nope, I don't shoot though one of my sons airsofts.

  6. Less painting in the winter too. Today I hoped to have a good day's painting but the light today was dreadful!

    I have an old Lincoln Jeffries .177 air rifle which was my grandfathers and dates from 1908. It still shoots well and accurately. I also have a BSA Scorpion .22 pistol and my son and I often blast away in the garden. He always beats me though as he is in the school shooting team and competes at Bisley, shooting at 800 meters so a few yards in the garden doesn't challenge him much!

  7. Your sons school sounds amazing Legatus! I also like the Lincoln Jeffries, I have a 1908 Haenel break barrel, still powerful enough as well.