Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Moving House

Hi Chaps,

Just a quick note to say that I am moving house soon...what a pain... When this is complete I hope to be back up and running with one post per week minimum. Also I will catch up on posting out the odd parcel or two, sorry about the delay but this move although anticipated came far quicker than I thought it would.

Good luck to you all, I enjoy reading about your exploits but I will be going cold turkey until my internet connection is up and running.

Thank you for your support, see you all soon.



  1. Good luck with the move. You will probably find all sorts of stuff you had forgotten you had!

  2. Thanks! Your right about the stuff....Humbrol enamel paint!?

  3. Best of luck wit the move Carl.

  4. Thanks again Chaps! Moving tomorrow...been packing and dumping rubbish for days...naver again LOL

  5. Good luck mate. The chaos will end soon enough and you'll be settled.