Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A week off from painting?

Hi Chaps,

I may have to put the brushes down for a week as my girlfriend is over on a rare visit. It will be a pleasure to show her around the North of England's finest historical sites (managed to slide in my interests without her noticing there).

Aside from any freezing cold weather we should be able to get out and about, Nid has travelled with her work as a medical scientist across Asia but I doubt if she has tried anything as exotic as fish and chips, black pudding or stout. 


  1. Have a great time and be careful with that stout LOL


  2. Thanks Ian, I am hoping she drinks too much of it actually!

  3. Fish and chips, Black pudding and stout, awesome combination! ;-)

  4. Brr! Keep her wrapped up she'll be freezing!

  5. Thanks Chaps I will keep her warm and well fed...if we chance upon any military history I will keep you informed.