Sunday, 6 September 2015

Well done Games Workshop!

Hi Chaps,

I never thought that I would be praising Games Workshop . but...The Age of Sigmar rule set is free (I am on a tight budget) and it is backwards compatible with all their previous armies. The bods who run GW seem to have realised that by the time you have purchased an expensive rulebook and codex the average customer has not much left to spend on figures, or they have been put off by the start up costs in the first place.

This renewed interest in fantasy war gaming was unexpected-even my son was wowed by the figures!! So I dusted off some old Dwarves and rolled a few was had and I assume that there will be more players than the excellent but now rare DBA fantasy rules Hordes of the Things. Back to single round bases for the lads...

I was so motivated I decided to scratch build a terrain piece for a game that I never played-Mordheim...which led to Frostrgave...I am sure there are plenty of other gamers who just read rules but never play the games! Anyway this piece is a work in progress and is number five in my medieval collection of houses, which again could be another sub hobby...people who make and collect scenery that never gets used!

The theme of painting or making figures and buildings that we are not really interested in has cropped up a lot for me this month, I now own 25 Space Marines and a couple of character figures-I swear that I only wanted to paint a few of them but it has grown into a bit of a project.

Keep blogging I need to know that you are as nuts about this hobby as I am.


  1. That is a stunning piece of scratch building, bravo Sir.

  2. Although I don't side with your praise to GW (other rules are also free) :) I really like the building. Nicely done!

  3. Thanks Chaps...I will try to finish the model this week...a Chapel has been started so is competing with it for time