Saturday, 26 December 2015

Seasons Greetings from the Librarian

Hi One and All!

I do hope that you are all enjoying the festive season or at least surviving it! Santa has been good this year to me and I also hope to you Chaps as well.

It could be that Games Workshop get some money off me in the New Year though more internet crawling will be done before I decide for sure. Great figures, great back stories but pants rule sets that just keep seeming to endlessly expand and alter. Anyway grabbed an early start and painted a Librarian type of figure, he was actually a resin Ebay buy so I have no firm information on him...any ideas? He was fun to paint but will sit on my shelf along with a growing number of models that have no definite role in anything.(curse impulse buys and bids that should never have won auctions!).

The photo is as usual a little bit off colour (OK a lot) but when you consider the model is just over an inch tall it is not surprising that all the imperfections are shown when magnified a few 100%!

The 20mm Rhodesians will be complete and ready for action by the New Year so any new project will begin in the New Year, perfectly timed but completely by accident. What have you Chaps got planned? Please do post your ideas because I am a bit stumped at the moment-a combination of too much beer and too many books being read....may run a poll to solve this one.

Keep blogging, enjoy the festivities and drink more beer.


  1. Great to hear that you've had a good Christmas and looking forward to more news of your hobbying New Year exploits.

    1. Thanks, I hope that you had a good Christmas too Michael. Keep blogging mate.