Friday, 17 June 2016

Plague hits Leyland....WIP

Hi Chaps,

There has been a pause in transmission from my end due to a tummy bug. I cannot complain too much as I am lucky re health but this bug was the real deal, thankfully now destroyed by my immune system (I owe you one for that buddy!).

Hobby wise not much has been happening but I have recovered enough strength to tidy my work area and snap a pic or two of the work that I did complete.

This handful of Airfix Brits were painted because they came with the Landrover and Jackal kits. The kits themselves remain unmade but are definately on my to do many parts.

Please ignore the chaos of my desk-it is now back to normal with very little to be seen on it! The tanks are from Grubby and again are on my to do list. Mr Grubby also sent some free drivers and passangers which was very kind and thoughtful. I recommend this company if you need anything in 20mm.....I also have some of their 28mm figures for Somalia which are great as well.

Lastly a couple of Armourfast T34-85's these are easy to put together but I still manage to make it look my enfeebled state I just wanted to splash some paint around without being too worried about the result, after all these are just targets for my Germans....

Thanks for popping by, hopefully I will have a more meaningful post soon as I am expecting an order from Warlord Games any day.

Keep blogging Chaps.


  1. Good to hear that you've seen off the dreaded lurgy! Tanks look good too.

    1. Thanks Michael, I think my advancing years have something to do with the extended recovery time!

  2. Glad to hear you're getting better, and good luck with reducing the dreaded plastic pile.

    1. Thanks AJ, the pile of plastic Germans is a little hard to look at....I will approach them after a break from 20mm.