Friday, 22 February 2019

Back from the void.

Hi Chaps,

How many times do you read a blog with the opening line similar to..."its been a long time since my last post"? It happens rather a lot and probably all for very similar reasons... life is just busy. Life has been too busy for myself but I am determined to make some time to update the blog and paint the occasional figure. I apologize for my absence it was almost beyond my control.

I have been painting over the last six months but only on the odd hour here and there. Despite having no time I have completed the Kill Team set from Games Workshop which is an excellent buy-really good value (who would have thought?). Here are a couple of the miners from that set.

As is normal I apologise for the picture quality, my experiments with lighting have led to naught but failure. I will be attempting a different technique shortly involving an i phone.

My Empire Army has grown in size and is now 4 units strong but I am resisting taking pictures for the moment until I have painted my two remaining units and I can provide an army showcase of sorts. The medieval/fantasy theme s still a favourite of mine and I cannot resist buying the odd Reaper miniature now and again because they are cheap and full of character...

Despite not having time to paint I purchased a couple of boxes of Perry Wars of the Roses infantry and Mercenaries. The problem I face is do I base them singly or on multiple bases? Tips would be welcome.

Keep blogging Guys you got me through a crappy 12 months.


  1. Try a combo of both - some on singles and some on larger sizes, say 2-4 each. Depends on the games you play I imagine. Thegamerstable blog does ‘doublets’ - two figures per 25mm base to give a feel of massed infantry that looks kinda cool. Always a pleasure seeing your posts and hope things are better now - Ragsta

  2. Yeah, I'm "guilty" of sporadic posting. But I only post when I have stuff like minis to post, and I am a slow and sporadic painter. :)
    And that's okay.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your comments and advice, it feels like talking to old mates again.

  4. I'm really impressed by the muted colour scheme on the genestealer cult. I like that.