Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WW1 Russian 20mm

Hi Chaps,

last week I visited my sister in Preston and so I took the opportunity to visit Transport models for a fix of Strelets figures. I know that these awkward looking miniatures are not to everyones tastes but I think that they are full of character. I have no idea why I chose Russian...maybe I can use them in a 1938 campaign?

Has anyone used 20mm with Black Powder? I was looking at the armies of Peter the Great etc (as well as Napoleonic) but I am just not sure how the 20mm figures would look bunched together...for around £30 one could get a flying start!

I ordered some vehicles from Frontline and the chap I spoke to asked if they were for a 1938 army...he went on to say that his company had produced the masters for some of the factions for the "conflict" in 20mm. I find this fascinating and will certainly be purchasing some if and when they become available.

These chaps are now all but finished...the bases have not been even started because the last batch of sand I collected from the beach was too coarse. On my next visit (its only a few miles) I will select the right texture and basing can then commence. Its a pity that the pics dont really do these fellows justice they really are little characters.

Thanks for looking.


  1. 20mm with Black Powder, play it all the time, it works well with the 2/3 scale.

  2. These troops look rip-roaring-and-ready to go!

  3. i too like the rather chunky style. they remind me of metal figs.i just got the romanians i like the dutch style helmet. your figs are outstanding..i like the early war and interwar period the best. good work

  4. Thanks Chaps, your comments spur me on. I may try some more Strelets!