Wednesday, 2 November 2011

WW1 a work in progress.

Hi Chaps,

I thought I would place some pics on here of my 20mm painting (my eyes, my eyes etc..). Because of the process I have used it is fairly quick to produce a company of figures in just two painting sessions. No great care has been taken with these fellows as I want (plastic) boots on the gaming table, just three or four base colours followed by a wash_Devlan mud is the new rock and roll!!

The pictures are dark because its even duller than normal here in Cumbria...The next batch is well under way and a game with my son wont be too far off. If the Gods of finance are agreeable I will purchase some modern 20mm from Britannia miniature, I have not ordered from the new owner nor have I been to the website but Britannia used to do some excellent British army kit....

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great looking figures, the guns look superb!!

  2. Good stuff - your WW1 stuff looks the business!

  3. Thanks Chaps...Plastic is cheap enough to build a mountain of figures from. Going to Preston to restock next week.

  4. Yep, great painting, to Preston for the reserves then!