Saturday, 21 January 2012

First unit of 2012 completed!

Hi Chaps!

well the first unit of 2012 has been painted and almost based...Copplestone Chinese Bandits in 28mm. To be honest they were the only figures I had to paint and I was in a painting mood! I am very pleased with the result but I dont know what to do with them as I have no other figures to go with these. I would like to post some pictures....but my battery charger fell apart! It was 6 years old but now I am left with no way to take pictures!

French Empress Dragoons by Perry maybe next simply because I want to paint them! I am thinking of Black Powder with avarege units being 3 stands of 5/6 figures...would this work? A cavalry unit would be 3X2 cavalry figures...I dont know why I'm asking as I play solo anyway! Maybe I need confirmation that my plans are not completely insane?

Good to see you all working away on your blogs...there is some really good stuff out there!

Take care till next time....(with pics hopefully).



  1. I await the your painted figures. Have fun!

  2. Look forward to seeing the painted figures, as you say, it's up to you the size of units you use and they wouldn't go wrong for Black Powder

  3. Looking forward to seeing your Chinese bandits, Carl - nice one!

  4. I want to see your Chinese too. I have an army of Copplestone Chinese Back of Beyond but have struggled with painting some Russians to oppose them.