Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pictures (of a fashion) at last!

Hi Chaps

its been fairly hectic here but I have purchased a battery charger and rushed off a few pictures. The Ashanti are a bit fuzzy but when I have completed the unit I will take better pictures. Having "seen the future" earlier this month I have to admit that my first purchase of 2012 was not plastic but Copplestone metal...and excellent quality it was too! Ordered Tuesday and dropped onto my doormat Thursday-now that it impressive by any ones standards and yes I will be ordering from this company again next month. (My order was £20 including postage so really it was tiny...yet still top notch service, well done Copplestone).

At the moment I am just painting whatever takes my fancy...inevitably I will sell some figures later in the year to make room for more-Black powder fever is just around the corner but it would take months to paint up even two opposing brigades in 28mm....Jervis Johnson and Rick Priestly have a lot to answer for.

Slightly unrelated but worth a mention is the quality of other peoples blogs. I now follow lots of you chaps about-nothing like stalking at all-honest. It maybe just me but everyone seems to have upped their game, could it be that the internet is giving us all inspiration and knowledge?

Oh well good luck to you all and keep blogging!


  1. Good work, Carl ;) particularly like the bandits!

  2. Lovely job Carl. Good little touches all round.

  3. Tremendous work there Sir. Like you, I have only recently ordered from Coppleston and had a similar experience; top quality service and product. I have some waiting patiently in the queue that I hope to get to before long.

  4. Thanks Chaps,

    Copplestone castings are very addictive! The Ashanti are nearly complete...another order looms.

    Happy painting all.

  5. Nice paintjobs, Carl. I agree, the Copplestone figures are not only great, but the service is too.

    I'm definitely inspired by other people's gaming blogs, and when you do a web search these days odds are the answer tends to either come from Wikipedia, or someone's blog post. So for me, gaming blogs now fill the role that glossy wargames magazines used to do.

    If you've got the horse & musket bug, but don't want to wait till you've got the Big Battalions painted, have a look at Song of Drums and Shakos. It's a skirmish game, suited to up to a dozen figures a side. We've been playing the fantasy version (Song of Blades and Heroes) and it works really well.

  6. Those Chinese are great and the bases on your Africans are superb!

    I second the recommendation for the Song of... rules. I played an excellent game set in the Sudan with about eighteen figures a side. They'd work a treat for the Peninsula..