Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Plastics are everywhere!

Hi All,

its been a few weeks since I blogged but life has that annoying habi of interfering with ...well everything! Picked up Wargames Illustrated and I am so pleased to see the plastic revolution continuing though as yet nothing has really grabbed my enthusiasm but I am putting that down to just life in general.

I have been catching up with what everyone has been up to there are some amazing people out there!

Keep blogging!


  1. life is annoying hense hobbies. they allow us to put it all out of our minds for a brief but glorious moment

  2. I've hit the buffers a bit temporarily too, got lots of ideas and unfinished stuff lying about. Still, I'm sure something will spark you off again ;)

  3. I've actually eased off a bit and have a bit more time to paint at present..

  4. Its the wargaming equivelant of writers block...?