Saturday, 25 February 2012

AK47 Peter Pig Mercenaries and Militia

I crept into the garden to take these pics of my last few painting session endevours. I am seriously enjoying painting 15mm, so much so that I may even try and paint some Serb or eastern european types along with some vehicles....just need to sell a kidney to fund it (15mm =more expensive than plastic 28mm!!).

there are 10 stands of militia and a couple more professional...also 4 battle winning mortar stands to paint up, by which time I will have ordered again-Peter Pigs stuff is more addictive than crack cocaine! Awaiting basing are 3 buildings-they seem so small to build in this scale...but even my small table suddenly looks rather large.

Have a good weekend and keep painting!


  1. Very nice job: both the painting and basing. I'm a fan of PP and use mostly his 15mm. Your mercenaries look so nice...I'm thinking I'll get some and use them as Kentucky Militia in the fight against Aliens.

  2. I think that would work, P Pig, has been very clever with how he has modelled these figures-they could work for almost anything, good luck-I've just watched "The Battle for LA" excellent stuff!

  3. Great work! I am a Peter Pig fan too ;)

  4. Excellent painting Sir!!! Nice basing too!

  5. Peter Pig almost (but not quite) got me painting 15mm with their early Great War range! Love the pick up!