Monday, 13 May 2013

I want to join the Thai Army!

I have been painting a lot recently but I have no pics as yet due to poor lighting. My brother in law has sent me a pic of how Thailand runs its forces...

Now I would not mind sharing a few nights in the field with these squaddies! In case my girlfriend sees this...I am sharing this information with military enthusiasts so that we can gain a broader knowledge of weapons and uniforms....


  1. you obviously never heard of the KOLBLGR*

    they do look a bit old... anybody recognise those rifles?

    *King's Own Ladyboy Lifeguard Regiment :-)

  2. I live in Barrow, all the women impersonate men...sort of a ladyboy thing in reverse!

  3. is joining the Thai army such a good idea. I know those women look nice but... you have to think why they are all in the army... think about the Amazons it might not be such a good idea.

  4. Mm maybe you are right...not risking it!