Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A few Pics


It has been a productive month but the weather will not co operate so I have taken a few pictures indoors...sorry about the quality I really must learn how to set up a little photo booth. Anyway the tanks are Armourfast and the err semi naked ladies are from the Blue Moon Dracula set...very Hammer House of Horror!

Artmaster Studios on Youtube are well worth a look at for painting tips, I was going to put in a link but they are easy enough to find. Keep blogging!


  1. Nice she-vampires. Going to need few more Plods to deal with them, though.

    If Empire Of The Dead doesn't work out for you, I heartily recommend taking a look at In Her Majesty's Name, if you have a spare tenner or so.

  2. Nice job on the tanks, love the bobbys as well.

  3. What a cracking pair of tanks! The vampires are lovely too! ;)

  4. Haha thanks Chaps, I checked your review out Doc...will keep the rules in mind.