Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The reason for lost contact...

Hi Chaps,

I thought I would explain why I sometimes do not blog. In 2008 my wife Nittaya died in labour and our son Chester died a day later.There is an ongoing police investigation, ongoing civil action and god knows how many government bodies looking into the event and the background leading up to it.

It has taken me a while to share this with you all but when things get busy I lose time (and contact) with the wargaming world and so I thought you should know why. There are some links where you can read what happened but really its heavy going and I would not recommend it.




As of yet my wife and son remain unburied. I will only return home when I have answers for my family...

Looking forward to gaming next week! 6mm baccus anyone?


  1. Sorry for your loss and I hope soon you get the answers you deserve. I can not even imagine the pains you have gone through in the passed 5 years. I hope that wargaming with your son can give you a release and pease that even if just for an hour or so you must need.
    BTW if you are looking for any wargames My Dad has retired to Morcambe and has his own wargames room I am sure if you wanted a day trip he would be more than happy to host you and your son.
    Peace James

  2. There are things that people should never have to go through. Things that should never happen. I would say that yes this does come as a shock but then again when do we ever suspect that such horrible things would happen to the great people we have come to know over the years.

    How was I to know that a young woman, recently married, with the whole world ahead of her would be killed in a car crash caused by a madman trying to kill himself by driving his car into hers?

    how would my mother have known that she would lose 3 children during pregnancy?

    How would I have known that a fellow war gamer would have lost his wife and child in such a way?

    its horrendous when it happens, its tragic, My heart and that of my family especially my mother goes out to you. such things do happen though they should not. I hope that you find the closure you need I hope that you all do. And although I am to far away to help I hope that something good comes your way.

    my condolences.

  3. I understand perfectly, I also have those periods where I seem to dissapear from the wargaming radar because life is too demanding...
    And all I have to deal with is idiot co-workers on a job that clashes with a, by all accounts rather mild, personality disorder.

    More of an Adler fan, don't like those Baccus strips too much (to get back to gaming :-) )

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. Life can be almost unbearable...thanks again.

  5. I wish I could say something that would help, but I don't know what! Makes all my worries feel very insignificant! I am thinking of you and hope that you get closure soon.

  6. I am so sorry for your tragic loss, At times like this words seem to have little meaning but you are never alone, my deepest sympathy to you

  7. Your posts are devastating, and I hope you get justice for your family.

  8. Very sorry to hear this. Don't know what to say really except good on you for keeping going, and that I hope justice will take its course and that things will improve for you personally with time.

    Best wishes,