Tuesday, 12 November 2013

20MM Heads up!

Hi All,

I have been a long time fan...30 plus years, of 20MM figures. My first serious attempt at wargaming was with the book "Operation Warboard" by Gavin Lyall (I think) and the rest as they say is history. For a great part of that time most of my gaming was with plastic 1/72 figures and tanks which I cherished. Somewhere along the line I strayed away from 20mm although "Rapid Fire" has always held my interest. Without doubt 28mm now reigns supreme but I have always had a soft spot for 20mm...and look what this guy can do with a humble Zvezda figure!


I hope that he does not mind me plopping a couple of his pics on here!

20mm will be making a comeback in my collection if I could paint anything like that! Hope you enjoy chaps, I am off to rummage out some old 20mil and buy some smaller brushes...and a magnifying glass.


  1. For those of us of a certain ilk, 20mm/1-72nd scale, remains embedded in our psyche due to growing up in the Airfix dominated 70s and 80s. For me, they nicely straddle the obsessive detail of 28mm and more refined 'slap-dash of 15mm; but that's just me ;)

  2. I fully understand people liking 20 mm....it probably is the best scale for gaming. I have never given up on it...infact I may try out a new painting technique, white undercoat instead of black!