Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Painting some Russians

Hi Chaps,

It's seems like a long time since I sat painting but at last over the previous couple of evenings I have been able to use my brushes. Painting must be a degradable skill! Nothing seemed to be in the right place at first and indeed a couple of mistakes in choice of colour where made but eventually everything settled down.

These figures are from the Plastic Soldier Company and are an absolute bargain in 28mm...after all these are only meant to be bullet stoppers for my beloved Germans!? I thoroughly recommend these to anyone looking to build an army on the cheap-if only I could have bought a similar army pack for the Germans.

The impending arrival of Mrs Hendrickson has forced something of a clear out and a couple of projects that I have little enthusiasm for will go onto ebay to clear some space. In Her Majesties Name will feature heavily this year- despite trying to make space I just ordered some more figures...oh well.

Keep blogging Chaps, I feed off your ideas and enthusiasm.