Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Scratch Building in 28mm, Materials

Hi Chaps,

It has been an odd few weeks finding my feet again in a hobby that has moved on in light year in just a few months. The investment made by individuals and companies now makes my hobby of the 1980's look so painfully slow in it's progression compared to what we see today. despite progress I still love the Peter Gilder figures and older Essex 25mm.....

Yet again I had o buy another camera-third one in five years! Again another cheap ebay buy at £24! But the real bargain I have discovered is Depron! A cheap foam material that cuts very easily, takes paint and seems to glue OK. You may have already heard of it but if you haven't then it is available here


This is the cheapest form of building material that I have found so far (excluding free boxes from Tesco etc) and you can also scribe into it but be sure to use a hard pencil (4B or so) as painting out black lines on it is difficult.


  1. You can't beat the old classics ! I've been using artists foam board for buildings - surprisingly cheap and all the details (Doors and such) are made from matchsticks or cardboard from breakfast cereal.


  2. Well done Jacko..its a learning curve for me

  3. Hello! Building in cheap materials is very fun and also gives a lot of inspiration in my daily life.Once you get some paint on then nobody can guess what is underneath.Keep on building. I will start follow your work.You are also welcome to visit my blog and see my projects that I have built buildings etc in cheap materials.:) / Peter

    1. Hi Ptr,
      I just found your blog-very entertaining, I will follow you as soon as I work out how to do it. Your blog will give me plenty of reading!