Friday, 26 June 2015

On the Workbench

Hi Chaps,

This is one of the rare moments that I can say I have completed an army! Well painted all the units that I have bought for it at the we ever finish an army? So with my early war Brits all filed away (literally in a set of old metal drawers) It will be onto the Germans next and a few buildings.

As you can see in the pic other figures are reaching completion, this is a satisfying stage when the last figures purchased are completed if only because it gives me an excuse to buy more!

My wife moves in next week so these are happy times cleaning and clearing before her arrival. I never realised just how much junk I had! Also I found some figures that will find their way onto fleabay...a bonus that in my mind makes the next figures free!

Keep blogging Chaps.


  1. Looking good. I have no figures nearing completion and am finding it very demotivating!

    1. Keep going Legatus you will get there. When I see all your lady friends on your blog I get demotivated! Still I will persevere and one day I will find a northern woman over 4 feet tall who can hold a conversation!

  2. Plenty going on then. Em4 Future War stuff seems popular lately :)

  3. Nicely done. You are quite correct, no army is ever finished.

  4. Thanks Chaps you are right about the Future wars being popular...and no army is ever finished. My kids will have so many strange little toys to move when I shuffle my mortal coil!