Saturday, 20 June 2015

The wonder of spectacles and 20MM

Hi Chaps,

It has been a harrowing few weeks...I realise that I am no longer immortal as I once thought and I am indeed subject to the aging process. This humongous realisation had been brought about by an eye test....reading had become strenuous and uncomfortable and I was told that I needed glasses ... In the comfort of my own room with my door double locked I began to experiment.. Its been a revelation!

I had given up on 20mm as being too small for anyone to paint successfully but with my new superpower of normal sight restored I had to try this cheapest of scales one last time. An old box of Plastic Soldier Company British infantry was dragged out from under the bed and the painting began. The figures look fine on the table and despite all the flaws showing up in these photos they actually are passable.

Each infantry companies officer has a different head and a sergeant in a different pose. I did print out some labels for them but it looked too formal so I went with the painted option of ID.

The artillery is the veteran of WW1 the 18PDR. TA units were deployed to France using this weapon which had been updated for transport by motorised vehicles with pneumatic tyres and new brakes, it was a good excuse to make something unique to my little force.

The Bren carriers are from the Plastic Soldier Company as are the MK6 Vickers tanks. This company have excellent customer service and seem to always get your order too you within 2 days...I just wish that their web site was easier to navigate....though I now realise that could be my old age....

The tanks need a little work and I was shocked to see that I had missed the wheels off the 2 pounder (I waited years for this model which is from Zvezda) but the BEF is getting there....I also realise that these are not early war Brits, the most glaring error is that the Sargent should have a Thompson sub machine gun. Also my painting guide may be out of date...lots of old Warlord comics and black and white movies helped me decide the colours as did my grandads old kit bag-which is definately a yellow colour and not green.

Thanks for popping by, the Germans are up next....then I will start on the trucks! I will save my pocket money for a few weeks before I put in an order with Frontline...its a good time to be a war gamer when you can actually see the figures!


  1. Something wonderful about 1/72, 20mm kits, nostalgia aside. I look forward to seeing these on your table and who cares if the infantry are late war or not? They are painted and that is the point.

    1. Thanks Chris. Your right about 1/72 it takes me back to when I was a youngster. I will be gaming with these in a few weeks hopefully.

  2. Nice work they all look great!