Saturday, 8 August 2015

Temporary painting station

Hi Chaps,

Well it's the summer hols so my painting table is now downstairs so that I can have family time....the result is I have painted more than usual...I have not taken pictures of the zombies but there should be enough for a game anytime soon.

The future army types are from Copplestone -I love this company, quick delivery and easy to paint.

Space Marines from the GW empire and the police are from Offensive miniatures which is a very interesting company

Good luck with the holidays and finding the sun if you live in the UK..........keep blogging Chaps.


  1. Nice. Are those copplestone minis 28mm scale? I honestly couldn't see an answer on the site. Some ranges were labelled with other scales so it does suggest that these are 28mm but I don't want to end up with a whole gang of baby cultists running around...

    1. Hi James these are 28mm from the future wars range. Copplestone figures are very easy to paint and he does some useful stuff that no one else seems to make....
      Check out his predators and the machines from Terminator...he is still better than the recent releases from other companies.

    2. Much obliged. I was impressed with what I saw and will probably pick up a few to paint.

  2. Enjoyed the fruit of your painting labors.

  3. My word you have been productive and great results too.